Hummingbird Technologies save 15% in software spend with Breadwinner

Hummingbird Technologies is an AI SaaS platform that utilizes algorithms alongside drone and satellite technology to provide farmers and agronomists with a suite of maps to help them make informed farm management decisions.

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Hummingbird Technologies were looking to customize and connect their CRM with their finance platform internally, but they required some extra help.

Initially using a different system, Hummingbird had hopes of being able to save money while seamlessly integrating Xero with Salesforce. However, they soon realized that every month, there was a new issue with the software affecting the company’s invoicing process. These problems caused them to incur additional costs each month. Additionally, the previous tool was far from simple to set up and did not deliver on the promised functionality.

Not All Integrations Need To Be Huge Projects

Hummingbird Technologies needed a seamless and cost-effective way of connecting their Multi-Org Salesforce with Xero. Their Xero account was set up with a variety of currencies; they “needed a platform that was going to deliver on what it promised and allowed for multiple Xero accounts to be linked to it.” 

Breadwinner was the simple missing link in facilitating this. 

The switch to Breadwinner provided Hummingbird Technologies with an easy way to create and push invoices from within Salesforce, as well as link to their multiple Xero accounts. When it came to creating invoices, they could achieve this with minimum effort and have a painless process and experience. Coming over to Breadwinner enabled Hummingbird Technology to save approximately 15% in software spend. 


The installation process was straightforward and smooth with a quick implementation session. We were set up and ready to go within an hour.

Helen Keevil, Head of UK Sales

Helen Keevil, the Head of UK Sales for Hummingbird Technologies, explained that the installation process was “straightforward and a lot smoother, with a quick implementation session, where within an hour they were set up and ready to go”.  Helen also highlighted the additional training and support that was provided by Breadwinner for the whole team. 


Business Outcomes: 

  • Invoices can be created and pushed out on time each month, with no issues, saving them approximately 6 hours each month. 
  • Adopting Breadwinner saved Hummingbird Technologies 15% in software spend. 
  • Breadwinner allows the team to save time by eliminating double data entry.
  • Multiple Xero accounts are now accessible from within Salesforce.
  • Using Breadwinner has allowed the company to save on money spent previously on fixing continual problems.

6 Hours

Time saved each month with automated invoice creation


Saved in software spend compared to integration alternatives