Ecquire Alternative / Replacement

Were you using Ecquire before it was discontinued? Read on to find out how to replace Ecquire with a similar extension!

Paid Options


Salesbolt is the leading integration that focuses just on Salesforce to LinkedIn integration. This means “it just works” on a level that other tools can’t match. It handles page layouts, record types, picklists, profiles, permission sets, all so you don’t have to.

It offers the ability to create and update Leads, Contacts, and Accounts from LinkedIn. And it even checks first to see if the record is in Salesforce!

It can be used as just an extension, or clicking one button will turn it into a full-fledged sidebar app.

Ecquire Replacement Alternative - Salesbolt

Salesbolt also provides a free email finder, and can work in both LinkedIn search, as well as LinkedIn Profile and LinkedIn Company pages. You can get Salesbolt at the Chrome WebStore.


Lusha is more of a data provider that sells emails and phone numbers. However, it has a handy Chrome Extension that can create Leads and Contacts. So if you want phone numbers and can pay the price for Lusha, you can get an Ecquire Replacement! However, Lusha won’t edit Salesforce records, and can’t handle record types or other complexities that your Salesforce org might have.

Free Options

If you’d rather use a free tool, you won’t get all the features, but you will get a great deal!


This is listed above in our paid section, but we thought we should list it in our Free section because of the freemium plan that Salesbolt offers. For no cost at all, Salesbolt will do several things:

  • Check to see if a LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Company, or even Website domain is in Salesforce, so you don’t have to manually search
  • Update a record in Salesforce from within your browser
  • Create a limited number of records per week (this is where they force high-volume users to upgrade, but if you create only a few records a week, then the tool is totally free)


A totally free tool, Assistlead will create a Salesforce Lead or Contact in just one click from a LinkedIn Profile.

Assistlead will not tell you whether that Profile is already in Salesforce or not, but if you’d like a free tool, it’s the best one hands down.