See you at London’s Calling!


The Breadwinner team is excited to sponsor this year’s London’s Calling! Come by our booth to chat with our CFO, Jo Milton, Product Marketing Manager, Jake Harding, and our NetSuite expert, Niels Bryan-Low – look out for them at the demo jam! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Sync Salesforce with Netsuite, QuickBooks, Xero, Stripe, Square with Breadwinner

Breadwinner Syncs Salesforce with Your Finance Software

Breadwinner delivers infinitely extensible, customizable, turnkey solutions to integrate Salesforce with finance systems like ERP, Accounting, and Payments. We deliver high-speed time to value by orchestrating the integration right from within Salesforce. And our solution inherently respects the separation of concerns between the world’s leading customer edge Platform and those finance systems.


As a Salesforce Partner since 2014, Breadwinner helps businesses of all sizes and across all industries to streamline their sales, finance, and payment processor data to improve data accuracy, increase team productivity, and optimize for growth.