Chargent integrates with QuickBooks and Xero


Control and manage payments completely inside of Salesforce with Chargent, the only 100% Salesforce native way to process payments. Automate AP and increase your revenue by accepting credit card and ACH payments directly from Opportunities, Cases, or Chargent Orders (custom), with no third-party integration or terminal required.

By combining Chargent and Breadwinner, your successful credit card charges can be automatically applied to invoices as those invoices are created.

Breadwinner can create Invoices in Xero with partial or full Chargent payments applied. And, in QuickBooks, Breadwinner can create Sales Receipts, or Invoices with partial or full Chargent payments applied.

Please contact for more information about integrating with Breadwinner.

Chargent and Breadwinner Joint Demo

This video is a joint demo with a Salesforce Consultant evaluating for their own customer, Micaiah Filkins of Chargent, and Stony Grunow of Breadwinner.

This gets technical at times as we dive into Salesforce, Gateways, and Distribution of Funds, among many other things. If you would like a technical deep dive, then please feel free to watch this video. Enjoy!