Datanyze Success Story

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Before Breadwinner, the Datanyze sales team spent far too much time on non-revenue tasks, and couldn’t generate invoices quickly or check on the status of existing invoices. Account Executives needed to know if customers were falling behind on payments, but had no visibility into payments. Even more time consuming, the Finance team had to manually update three different tools to calculate commissions based on actual, not reported, sales. This was an extremely cumbersome process that allowed for human error and kept people from doing other pressing work.


A number of solutions were evaluated, but most fell short. Breadwinner was the only solution that brought in live, up to date payment data into Salesforce. Datanyze implemented Breadwinner, connecting QuickBooks to Salesforce. Finance no longer had to enter data in three different systems, and AE’s could monitor Accounts Receivables.

Julia, Salesforce Administrator at Datanyze writes, “By integrating Quickbooks and Salesforce, Breadwinner helped us improve the accuracy of existing data while simultaneously unlocking new data points. The powerful dashboards and reporting that our sales and operations team have access to would not have been possible without Breadwinner. On top of breaking down traditional barriers, we have been able to streamline internal communication while also returning time to individuals so it can be spent on the most necessary tasks.”



About Datanyze

Datanyze provides a sales intelligence platform to help businesses uncover, research and reach the right prospects at the right time. The Datanyze platform delivers more qualified leads, accurate lead information and increases overall sales results for businesses ranging from startups to the Global 2,000.