Breadwinner Salesforce Finance Integration

Nervous about managing a full iPaaS like Celigo? Try Breadwinner.

Learn the true difference between an iPaaS and a purpose-built integration that’s native to Salesforce like Breadwinner.

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Drive more value faster

As a business, you aim to accelerate cash flow, enhance revenue growth, and effectively control costs.

Increase ROI and extract more value from your two biggest technology powerhouses – Salesforce’s CRM and NetSuite’s ERP.

Sync Salesforce CRM & NetSuite ERP

Know the difference

Extensible Product


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Buy a native, extensible product that’s been honed to meet almost all use cases out-of-the-box, and full flexibility to support customer or edge use cases.

Use for: Fast and efficient integration of two software platforms.

iPaaS Project


Build a generalist intermediation platform that connects systems in a many-to-many pattern. This type of approach is typically a long-running project.
Use for: Large, multifaceted, many-to-many integration projects across multiple platforms.

Unlock the full power of the Salesforce platform

with Breadwinner for NetSuite

ns page plusNative Salesforce Integration

Gain full visibility of NetSuite data in Salesforce, automate sales processes, and protect the integrity of financial data. No need for 3rd party tools or intermediate platforms.

ns page equalsFully Extensible & Customizable

Future proof your Salesforce and NetSuite integration and automatically sync custom objects without relying on specialist staff or resources.

Unbeatable Time-To-Value

Rapidly install and configure, access full functionality out-of-the-box and begin adding massive value to your business in hours and days, not weeks and months.

“The Breadwinner app makes the process of integrating Salesforce with NetSuite simple and pain-free! Seriously impressed with what they have achieved with this app!”

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If an extensible turn-key Salesforce and NetSuite integration sounds like the right fit for your business, contact us today for a more in-depth evaluation with our friendly team.

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