Let’s start with a little word association. What’s the first word you think of when you hear “NetSuite to Salesforce integration”?

We can’t read your mind, but we can imagine a few possibilities: 







Or, if you’ve had one bad integration experience too many, “Noooooooooo!

Salesforce and NetSuite integration - Breadwinner

Depending on your perspective and past experience with complex integrations, any of these could be a perfectly reasonable response. 

Here at Breadwinner, the word we associate with Salesforce integration with NetSuite is “opportunity.” We saw an opportunity to help businesses take their results to the next level using the combined power of Salesforce and NetSuite – and we put our developers to work delivering a complete integration product. 

Now we’re excited to introduce you to Breadwinner for NetSuite! Our robust yet straightforward solution makes Salesforce to NetSuite integration faster, easier, and all around better – and helps businesses boost efficiency, scale smoothly, and get more value from their data. 

Think we’re exaggerating? Nope – it really is that good. Keep scrolling to find out more about how Breadwinner for NetSuite works and what it can do for you.

What Does Breadwinner for NetSuite Do?

Breadwinner for NetSuite is a native Salesforce AppExchange solution that facilitates secure Salesforce integration and data sync with NetSuite.

It connects NetSuite and Salesforce, allowing data to flow securely between the two systems. Information previously available only in NetSuite – think sales orders, estimates, invoices, payments,  and a wide range of important historical and transactional financial data – becomes visible and usable in Salesforce. 

Sales, marketing, and customer success team members can access financial data stored in NetSuite without ever leaving Salesforce (or logging into NetSuite). They can also push things like quotes or opportunities from Salesforce into NetSuite without the need for double manual data entry or copying and pasting between the two systems.

And don’t worry –Breadwinner for NetSuite includes strict controls to maintain data integrity and ensure NetSuite remains the trusted financial record. Once data has been entered in NetSuite, Salesforce users cannot directly make changes or alter it in any way.

Three Reasons to Take a Closer Look at Breadwinner’s NetSuite to Salesforce Integration Solution

We’ll be the first to admit that Breadwinner for NetSuite is not the only option for integrating Salesforce and NetSuite – but it is the best. Breadwinner has years of experience integrating Salesforce with other financial software like QuickBooks and Xero. Our NetSuite product is relatively new, but it builds on the success of our other fantastic products. 

So why should you trust our product to handle your Salesforce and NetSuite integration? Because Breadwinner offers several features and benefits that other NetSuite integration solutions can’t match. 

Brian, our fantastic NetSuite product lead could spend several hours telling you exactly what we’re talking about – complete with all the technical details you can handle. We hope you’re interested enough to talk to him or one of our other amazing team members at some point, but for now,  here are three good reasons why you should seriously consider Breadwinner for NetSuite.

1. Breadwinner for NetSuite is the Fastest Way to Integrate NetSuite & Salesforce

We like to say that Breadwinner for NetSuite is a product, not a project. 

Here’s what we mean: other ways of integrating NetSuite and  Salesforce require you to spend months doing intense custom development work either with your internal team or in partnership with a consultant. Not Breadwinner for NetSuite.

We can have a fully-functioning Salesforce and NetSuite integration up and running for you in less than a day.

We know, we know – it sounds too good to be true, but hear us out. Most NetSuite to Salesforce integration solutions depend on powerful platforms like Boomi, Celigo, or MuleSoft. These tools are incredibly powerful and can literally connect anything with anything, but they’re complex and require specialized expertise to configure.

In contrast, Breadwinner for NetSuite exists for only one purpose: to connect Salesforce and NetSuite. The APIs are ready to go, and the data mapping foundation is in-place – all you have to do is install the product and complete the configuration workflows. 

Depending on how much data you want to share and the level of customization you require, the process takes from a couple of hours to about a day. Most businesses can install and set up Breadwinner for NetSuite without any help from us, but our support team is always available if you need assistance or have questions.

2. Breadwinner for NetSuite Has the Security, Flexibility, and Functionality You Need

In our experience, people considering Breadwinner for NetSuite have three burning questions:

Does it do what I need it to do?

Can I customize it to meet my unique needs?

Is it secure? 

Yes, yes, and definitely yes!

Breadwinner for NetSuite is a robust, fit-for-purpose NetSuite to Salesforce integration tool.  It includes all the middleware and functionality you need to share data and maximize the value of both systems. And our team is constantly making refinements and adding new features based on customer feedback.

As for customization, we know every business has unique needs and requirements around data access, naming conventions, and other details. Breadwinner for NetSuite is designed to be flexible. You get to choose the data NetSuite shares with Salesforce, who can see it, and what they can do with it. We also know business needs change over time, so we’ve made it easy to adjust your settings as needed.

Last but not least, we built Breadwinner for NetSuite with data security in mind. As a Salesforce-native application, our solution inherits the Salesforce platform’s excellent security protections, but we don’t stop there. Breadwinner is SOC 2 Certified, meaning we’ve gone the extra mile to verify our systems (and your data) are protected by the strictest security standards and best practices.

3. Breadwinner for NetSuite Helps Your Business Perform Better without Creating Extra Work for Your Team

We’ve established that Breadwinner for NetSuite is fast, easy to install, secure, and flexible, but the most exciting thing about it is how it can affect your business results.

Good things happen when you bring together a leading ERP solution and the world’s most powerful CRM. Sales, marketing, and customer success teams gain access to customer-related financial data they can use to nurture relationships and identify trends.  As a result, sales and customer satisfaction both increase.

Finance teams don’t have to field calls from other groups looking for payment details or order status. And they don’t have to fret over giving NetSuite access to too many people.

You can prepare quotes and send invoices faster, resulting in faster payment collection and shorter time-to-value. Everything about RevOps becomes more efficient.

And, when you use Breadwinner as your integration solution, you get all these benefits without a lot of extra work. Unlike other integration solutions, you don’t need a dedicated team to maintain the system or update APIs or monitor security. We take care of all that for you so you can enjoy the perks of NetSuite to Salesforce integration hassle-free.

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