AscentERP integrates with QuickBooks and Xero

AscentERP is an application to manage both your front and back office in real time.
Breadwinner can create Invoices in Xero or QuickBooks based on Ascent Invoices. Breadwinner can also create, on the Accounts Payable Side, Bills and/or Purchase Orders in Xero or QuickBooks.

Breadwinner can also keep the addresses in both systems up to date. Breadwinner also replicates all Invoices, Credit Notes, and optionally Bills and Purchase Orders, from your accounting system to Salesforce, and ensures they are up to date. So when Invoices are marked as Paid in your accounting system, this will be reflected in Salesforce within 15 minutes. Breadwinner does this for all Invoices, Bills, and PO’s in your accounting system – not just those created from Ascent ERP.

Please contact for more information about integrating with Breadwinner.