Litify integrates with QuickBooks and Xero

Litify is the best-in-class technology solution that will transform your law firm into a more successful practice. Built on top of—the world’s most secure and flexible platform—Litify automates marketing, client management, intake, matters, documents, referrals, reporting, and finance, all in a single, secure, easy-to-use application. By leveraging the power of technology to simplify daily tasks, Litify gives law firms the tools they need to become high-performing businesses.

Breadwinner can help you run your practice more smoothly by saving time and helping on data accuracy and time-to-payment. With Breadwinner, you can easily create Invoices from a variety of Litify records. And, easily keep an eye on Due and Overdue Invoices. Keep your staff focused on their billable hours rather than wasting time on data entry with Breadwinner.

Please contact for more information about integrating with Breadwinner.