Technical Results for Consultants & Developers

Breadwinner is designed to be enhanced by developers. We provide NetSuite data in native and custom Salesforce objects. You can further add formulas, Apex roll-ups, workflow, and triggers. Read more below including about our NetSuite reporting capabilities as well as detailed ERD image flow.

Breadwinner for NetSuite ERD

Breadwinner consists of a number of objects that perfectly reflect the NetSuite objects and data structure.

Specifically, we replicate the following objects (as slave data, in a read-only manner):

  • NetSuite Customer (including both the Company type and Individual type)
  • NetSuite Estimate
  • NetSuite Sales Order
  • NetSuite Item Fulfillment
  • NetSuite Invoice
  • Netsuite Credit Memo
  • NetSuite Line Items (which are under the Estimate, Sales Order, Item Fulfillment, Invoice, and Credit Memo)
  • NetSuite Payments (representing both payments and pre-payments from a NetSuite Customer)
  • NetSuite Payment Transactions (a junction object connecting NetSuite Invoices/Receipts to the object applying a payment. This object can either be the Credit Memo object or the Payment object)
  • NetSuite Items
  • NetSuite Price Levels
  • NetSuite Item Prices (which also contain company specific price level override information)
  • NetSuite Currencies
  • NetSuite Subsidiaries

All of the above data is designed to be accessed securely, and for financial security, edits or changes to the data in Salesforce will not be written back to NetSuite, and those changes to Salesforce records will in fact be overwritten weekly with the master data in NetSuite.

Creating or editing data in NetSuite is possible with Breadwinner, however, for data integrity and financial controls, all data written into or edited in NetSuite must be done via our Guided Invoice Creation wizard, or via our exposed API methods.

ERD of Bredawinner for NetSuite

Breadwinner for NetSuite uses our custom build REST Engine to connect to NetSuite, allowing a level and complexity of integration impossible using the traditional WSDL connector. Our REST Engine for NetSuite is available for public consumption, should you have additional needs for connecting to NetSuite.

Integrate NetSuite with Salesforce Invoice Creation

Breadwinner for NetSuite Reporting

Breadwinner allows reporting on both NetSuite data only (a significant number of people have moved their reporting efforts from NetSuite to Salesforce to take advantage of Salesforce’s reporting capabilities on NetSuite data) and on any combination of Salesforce and NetSuite data.

Breadwinner for NetSuite has been designed to allow cross-platform reporting, with lookups from many NetSuite objects to Salesforce objects. These lookups are (in theory) redundant because the relationship could be established via a parent object’s lookup. However, by adding lookups to grandparent and great-grandparent objects, we can enable easier reporting.

This is most important on the line item object, which stores line item information on the Credit Memo and Invoice (and many other objects). This allows complex summary reporting on the line item object regardless of its direct parent object.

Also, for subsidiary-based reporting, almost all NetSuite records in Salesforce have a lookup to the appropriate subsidiary.

Where NetSuite fields are longer than the 255 character limit field, we will bring in a long-text field for data integrity, and a 255-character text field that is marked as “Abbreviated” to allow easier views, reporting, and formulas.

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