Picture this: You are using Breadwinner Payments and have it connected to Stripe. This means all of your transactions, subscriptions, and payments are syncing to Salesforce – GREAT! 

However, your customers use Bill.com and that’s how they want to pay you. The question then becomes, how can you then make sure the Bill.com transactions are also flowing into Stripe, allowing you to have a holistic view of your revenue inside Salesforce? 

Bill.com Stripe and Salesforce

The main thing to keep in mind is that Bill.com can be used from two sides: the Vendor side and the Customer side.

I’ll detail the workflows for both; if you are signed up as a Bill.com Vendor, and if you are not. 

If you are not a Bill.com Vendor

If you simply want your customers to be able to pay you via Bill.com, the truth is that you do not need a Bill.com account as a Vendor to keep all of your payments flowing into Stripe (no matter how much they may suggest otherwise!). 

Your customers are probably going to want to use Bill.com, and that’s OK! As long as they enter your details on their side (and you don’t have a Bill.com Vendor account) then each customer will enter the unique bank details provided by Stripe Billing for that specific customer. And, as each customer’s account is independent of all the other customer accounts, those unique bank account numbers will work perfectly well, despite all the customers using different numbers.

This all means that if you are not signed up to Bill.com as a vendor, it’s actually pretty straightforward. 

Your customer inputs the details they receive on the Stripe invoice (individual to them), Bill.com processes the payment and sends it to the bank account, which is then auto-reconciled in Stripe. Finally, now that it’s in Stripe, Breadwinner Payments will pick that up and sync it to your Salesforce Org, meaning all of your Payments, whether they came via Bill.com or not, will be visible and reportable in Salesforce, without you having to do any extra work!

If you are a Vendor of Bill.com

If you have a Vendor account with Bill.com, it would have required you to enter your bank details. But, if you are using Stripe Billing, then you have different bank details for every customer.

Bill.com can’t imagine this scenario, so if you entered your details into Bill.com as a vendor, all the money would be sent to that single bank account, which defeats the purpose of Stripe’s auto-reconcile ACH feature. Therefore, if you have a Bill.com Vendor account you would need to manually mark everything as paid in Stripe since the payments sent via Bill.com would land in the single bank account you have signed up to the Vendor account with. 

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