Vertimax Success Story


At Vertimax we offer high-quality strength and speed training equipment that has found a home with many NFL and NBA athletes, as well as all other sports related teams for colleges, high schools, sports performance facilities and individual households.

The Challenge

Our business development team works in Salesforce and creates opportunities with the customer. Before Breadwinner, these closed/won opportunities were synced utilizing another software program, but we were constantly having issues with this not working properly. Also, it was not a “two way street,” i.e. Salesforce and Quickbooks Online didn’t share information back and forth.

The Solution

Hany Zaki, Finance Officer for Wireless Communication, wanted a way to link Xero to Salesforce so sales reps can see the financial status for each of their customers. Hany writes “After some research, we choose to use Breadwinner to link Xero and Salesforce. The installation of Breadwinner went very smoothly and is helping us…achieve that and we have no problem pushing invoices Hany Zaki, Finance Officer from salesforce to Xero.”


“With Breadwinner, our business development team enters the information once in Salesforce and it gets created in QuickBooks when the accounting department selects. This helps us avoid delays, data entry errors and data duplication and also helps us issue invoices immediately. This is extremely important to us not only from a collections standpoint, but inventory monitoring as well. Moreover, Breadwinner enables our business development team to track the payment status of invoices and follow up with customers. A .pdf invoice can be generated directly from Salesforce and sent to the customer without our team having to have access to Quickbooks.”


About Vertimax
VertiMax designs, manufactures and sells innovative athletic training systems to markets worldwide. The patented technology by which VertiMax products are based dramatically improves critical athletic performance parameters including explosive power, speed and the vertical jump.