The Braintree and Salesforce integration solution

Sync your sales and finance data with Breadwinner Payments. Streamline your business processes to maximize productivity, align communication, and accelerate growth. 

Salesforce and Braintree integration

An intuitive and flexible solution

Quick Install

Breadwinner is easy to install and configure. Get immediate benefits such as processing card and ACH payments in Salesforce, which will reflect in Braintree.

Secure Process

Provide staff access to live Braintree customer data from within Salesforce while working at the appropriate level set by management.


As a Salesforce native solution, Breadwinner’s configuration wizard intuitively maps Braintree objects and fields in Salesforce. 

Sync your Braintree data with Salesforce so your team can spend less time on manual tasks and more time growing revenue

Salesforce Braintree View Payment Method


Access sensitive information with confidence

View Braintree Payment Methods in Salesforce, such as credit cards and bank transfers, displayed in a clear format.

All payment information is PCI compliant, with sensitive data stored securely in Braintree.

Breadwinner brings in Braintree’s Tokenization and Merchant IDs but does not bring in sensitive credit card numbers.



Improve data transparency and increase efficiency

All Braintree payments, such as credit card and ACH payments, are visible in Salesforce as native data.

Empower your team with access to the client’s Braintree payment details in Salesforce presented in a clear format.

Braintree payments can trigger other actions or records in Salesforce, allowing for increased automation.

Salesforce Braintree View Payment

Digitally transform business workflows through automation

Implementing workflow automation between Salesforce and your finance software has monumental gains but it doesn’t need to be a monumental task. Breadwinner offers various robust automation tools out-of-the-box, including our Guided Wizard, Custom Guided Wizard, Flows, and Global API.

Flexible to suit your business needs

Depending on the direction of the data sync, the user’s technical experience, and specific business process requirements, Breadwinner’s various automation methods provide businesses with the flexibility to select any or all of them.

Designed for all user experience levels

From admins, power users, consultants, to developers, Breadwinner’s powerful automation solutions are designed with the specific user in mind putting functionality, security, efficacy, and ease-of-use at the forefront.

Salesforce Braintree Integration - Payment Processor

Hear from our customers

We are dedicated to helping your business by providing solutions to your sales and finance integration challenges. Our experts will always give honest and practical advice on how to streamline your Salesforce and Braintree software.

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“We needed a platform that was going to deliver on what it promised. Breadwinner’s installation process was straightforward and smooth with a quick implementation session. We were set up and ready to go within an hour.”

Helen Keevil
Head of UK Sales, Hummingbird Technologies

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“We sought a solution that leverages automation and software to do these mundane tasks so our staff can focus on customer-facing actions that drive the business. With Breadwinner, the result is we’re more efficient and productive with fewer manual processes, and that’s better for everyone.”

Darwin Stephenson
Chief Revenue Officer, Apkudo

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“The issue with doing manual data entry is you have to double-check it and triple-check it. Breadwinner became a key player, acting as the bridge between the two pieces of software that allowed us to quickly and simply move information that was already being developed in Salesforce; without the extra cost and hassle”

Morgan Selph
President, PlaySpace Designs

Have more questions? We answer some of your most frequently asked ones here.

Does Braintree integrate with Salesforce?

You can integrate Braintree with Salesforce using our connector solution. We have worked hard to develop a robust solution that seamlessly integrates Braintree with Salesforce. Breadwinner can help to align your sales and finance teams–improving cross-departmental communication and creating a unified workflow. The potential benefits of using this connector are tremendous.

If you are actively looking for ways to break down organizational silos in your organization, this solution will enable your sales and finance teams to function as a unit – accelerating growth and profitability. With the support of real-time data, you can unlock higher levels of efficiency. To see the tool in action, we would recommend taking our Braintree and Salesforce integration for a spin.

When you use our Breadwinner Payments, you can import Braintree data into Salesforce’s dynamic reporting system and access the client’s payment history. When critical data is available, it is reflected across multiple platforms. This makes it easier for sales and finance teams to stay on the same page and make pivotal decisions with greater efficiency.

Breadwinner is a bi-directional syncing solution capable of mirroring data across multiple platforms. Our connector solution enables you to stay productive and remove bottlenecks in cross-departmental communication. Above all, our integration for Braintree and Salesforce is purposefully designed to save your team time and enable higher levels of productivity.

What is the best Braintree Salesforce integration?

If your workflows are getting bogged down by repetitive and tedious tasks, you should leverage our Braintree integration with Salesforce. All Braintree payments, such as credit card and ACH payments, are visible in Salesforce as native data.

On the surface, connecting Braintree and Salesforce may seem like a complex process. In reality, nothing is further from the truth. With Breadwinner in your corner, you won’t have to do any heavy lifting. Our robust solution accounts for the nuances of each platform. Getting started with this solution couldn’t be easier. You can begin to unlock value in no time at all.

You have likely seen some iPaaS platforms on the market offering hundreds of integrations for teams with extensive tech stacks. Solutions covering multiple integrations often fail to account for the nuances of each platform. If you want to complete difficult tasks, you must have access to a purpose-built integration that’s designed to bring sales and finance teams together.

How are Braintree and Salesforce different?

To keep daily business operations running smoothly, Braintree and Salesforce each have a critical role to play. While Salesforce is a CRM solution used by sales teams, Braintree is a global payment processor used by finance teams. Syncing your Braintree data with Salesforce ensures your team will spend less time on administrative tasks and more time growing revenue.

How can you input Braintree data into Salesforce?

Fortunately, when you use Breadwinner to connect Braintree and Salesforce, no coding or technical knowledge is required. You can hit the ground running with immediate benefits, such as processing card and ACH payments in Salesforce, which will then automatically reflect in Braintree. Leveraging our solution is a no-brainer for sales and finance teams.

Once our team began to build the Braintree and Salesforce integration, it became apparent that sales and finance teams require an instant solution. They do not want to spend hours setting up a Braintree and Salesforce connector. We worked hard to develop a solution for use straight out of the box, removing the need for an extensive installation process.

To ensure you unlock value from the outset, our customer success team is ready to support you. With everything you need just a few clicks away, it’s never been easier to connect these two platforms and start to align your finance and sales data.

How do I link Braintree and Salesforce?

As a Salesforce-native connector, Breadwinner’s configuration wizard intuitively maps Braintree objects and fields in Salesforce. Immediately after the quick installation process, your sales and finance teams can begin to align their data and streamline workflows with the support of our connector solution. Now is the time to embrace tools that drive operational efficiency.

We understand the importance of quickly extracting value from a Salesforce connector. This is why we created a connector solution that allows new users to rapidly sync Salesforce with financial platforms without the hassle of a time-consuming installation process. The excellent resources on our website can help you get the most out of the Braintree Salesforce connector.

Can you use Braintree as a CRM?

Braintree is an online payment solution and is not designed for use as a CRM. However, when you use Breadwinner, it’s possible to automatically sync your Braintree data with Salesforce. This will offer cross-departmental access to live Braintree customer data from within Salesforce. Management can limit the amount of data available to team members working at different levels. 

Our Salesforce-native connector brings Braintree data into Salesforce’s reporting system and allows you to create dashboards on your Braintree Accounts Receivables. All the actions you take are automatically reflected inside Braintree in real-time. When multiple departments are on the same page, this can accelerate workflows and improve cross-team communication.

How do I get started with a Braintree Salesforce integration?

When teams across your organization have fewer manual tasks to complete and more time to focus on customer-facing tasks, this can help to drive customer satisfaction. We believe our Salesforce Braintree integration is a major win for sales and finance teams ready to start embracing workflow automation and the potential benefits it can offer.

Effective finance and sales teams need real-time data at their fingertips. This is possible with our intuitive connector. If you want to take our solution for a test drive, you can sign up for a free trial. This is a risk-free opportunity for you to explore the benefits of our connector solution.

Try Breadwinner Payments for Braintree for free today and book a demo with our team.

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