The Salesforce and Square integration solution

Salesforce professionals choose us because we’re different. Our advanced software integrates Salesforce with Square and is simple to set up and configure and safe and reliable to use. As the Salesforce finance integration expert, our advice is always honest and practical.

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Salesforce Square Integration Solution

Covid-19 Special Pricing

In response to Covid-19, we are offering Breadwinner Payments to help businesses manage and report on their income payments. You may install Breadwinner Payments into a Sandbox org for completely free, long-term usage. This will import all Stripe, Braintree and Square data into Salesforce, so you can run cross-payment-platform Reports on all of your finance payment data. Select customers will also be able to install into their Salesforce Production org for reporting usage. To take advantage of this special offer, please book a demo.

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A powerful syncing solution that works hard for you


By bringing Square data into Salesforce, you can create vital reports and dashboards on your Square Summaries and Reports analytics and sync those reports to your Salesforce data. 


Give staff access to live Square customer data such as Square Invoices, Square Estimates, and Square Payments, from within Salesforce. Read-Write and Read-Only permission frameworks are available.


Get started with a powerful managed package that is easy to set up and configure. Gain immediate benefits like data import and preconfigured field mappings with Breadwinner Payments for Square.

Stay informed and access Square Payment data from within Salesforce


  • With Breadwinner’s Salesforce and Square integration solution, all Square Payments, from credit cards to bank account transfers, are visible in Salesforce as native data and presented in a user-friendly format.
  • Track the status of these payment transactions and create triggers in Salesforce, allowing automation and a seamless flow in processes.
Sqaure Salesforce integration view payment

View Square Payment Methods from within Salesforce in a user-friendly format

Square Salesforce integration view payment methods


  • View all Square Payment Methods in Salesforce.
  • Square allows businesses to take payments in-person, by invoice, online and remotely, allowing for a wide range of payment processing methods.
  • These methods are stored as native Salesforce data and displayed in an intuitive and clear format. 
  • All of this is PCI compliant, as sensitive data is stored in Square. Breadwinner brings in Square ID’s and Tokens but does not bring in sensitive credit card numbers.

Square customers are visible and synced to Salesforce customers


  • Allow your staff to view a thorough and accurate view of your customers by integrating Salesforce and Square.
  • Cross-check Square customers with either Salesforce accounts or Salesforce contacts.
  • All of the rich data in Square is represented at the Square customer level, and can also be displayed on other Salesforce records and objects.


Square Salesforce Integration View Customer
Square invoice

With Breadwinner Payments, you can access Square Invoices, Estimates, and Payments from within Salesforce.

Elevate your business by connecting Salesforce and Square with Breadwinner Payments.

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