The Stripe and Salesforce integration solution

Sync your sales and finance data with Breadwinner Payments. Streamline your business processes to maximize productivity, align communication, and accelerate growth. 

Salesforce and Stripe integration

An intuitive and flexible solution

Quick Install

Install Breadwinner Payments in minutes and get immediate benefits such as processing credit cards and ACH payments in Salesforce, which will reflect in Stripe.

Secure Operations

Empower staff with access to Stripe data from within Salesforce while working at the appropriate level using a Read-Write and Read-Only permission framework.


As a Salesforce native solution, Breadwinner’s configuration wizard intuitively maps Stripe objects and fields in Salesforce.

Sync your Stripe data with Salesforce so your team can spend less time on admin tasks and more time growing revenue

Salesforce Payment Processor


Make informed decisions using accurate data in real-time

By syncing Salesforce to Stripe, you provide your teams with a comprehensive view of your customer’s payment history.

Bring Stripe data into Salesforce’s dynamic reporting system and create dashboards on your Stripe Accounts Receivables.

View Stripe customers in Salesforce and associate them with either Salesforce Accounts or Salesforce Contacts.


Improve data transparency and increase efficiency

All Stripe Payments, including credit cards and bank accounts, are visible in Salesforce as native data.

Empower your team with access to the client’s Stripe payment details in Salesforce presented in an intuitive format.

Stripe can trigger other actions or records in Salesforce, allowing for increased automation.

Salesforce Stripe Payment View
Salesforce Stripe View Payment Method


Access sensitive information with confidence

Stripe Payment Methods, such as credit card or ACH payments, are stored as native Salesforce data.

All payment information is PCI compliant, with sensitive data stored in Stripe.

Breadwinner brings in Stripe IDs and Tokens but does not bring in sensitive credit card numbers.

Hear from our customers

We are dedicated to helping your business by providing solutions to your sales and finance integration challenges. Our experts will always give honest and practical advice on how to streamline your Salesforce and Stripe software.

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“We needed a platform that was going to deliver on what it promised. Breadwinner’s installation process was straightforward and smooth with a quick implementation session. We were set up and ready to go within an hour.”

Helen Keevil
Head of UK Sales, Hummingbird Technologies

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“We sought a solution that leverages automation and software to do these mundane tasks so our staff can focus on customer-facing actions that drive the business. With Breadwinner, the result is we’re more efficient and productive with fewer manual processes, and that’s better for everyone.”

Darwin Stephenson
Chief Revenue Officer, Apkudo

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“The issue with doing manual data entry is you have to double-check it and triple-check it. Breadwinner became a key player, acting as the bridge between the two pieces of software that allowed us to quickly and simply move information that was already being developed in Salesforce; without the extra cost and hassle”

Morgan Selph
President, PlaySpace Designs

Elevate your business with Breadwinner for Stripe