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Breadwinner is designed to be enhanced by developers. We provide Stripe, Braintree, and Square Data in native and custom Salesforce objects. You can further add formulas, Apex roll-ups, workflow, and triggers.

Breadwinner Payments ERD

Breadwinner consists of a number of objects that perfectly reflect the Stripe/Braintree/Square objects and data structure.

Specifically, we replicate (as slave data, in a read-only manner):

  • Stripe/Braintree/Square Customer (including both the Company type and Individual type)
  • Stripe/Braintree/Square Payment Methods (representing Credit Cards and Bank Accounts)
  • Stripe/Braintree/Square Payments (representing both payments and pre-payments from a Stripe/Braintree/Square Customer)

All of the above data is designed to be accessed securely, and for financial security, edits or changes to the data in Salesforce will not be written back to Stripe/Braintree/Square, and those changes to Salesforce records will in fact be overwritten weekly with the master data in Stripe/Braintree/Square.

Creating or Editing data in Stripe/Braintree/Square is possible with Breadwinner, however, for data integrity and financial controls, all data written to or edited in Stripe/Braintree/Square must be done via our Guided Invoice Creation wizard, or via our exposed API methods.

ERD of Breadwinner for Payments

Click the image to see the full-sized ERD for Breadwinner Payments

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