Sage and Salesforce Integration

Today (Feb 26, 2015) Sage announced big news! It’s moving it’s business onto’s CRM. This is a bit of a mixed message, since Sage actually sell CRM software themselves, but to be fair, Sage CRM is targeted at Small to Medium companies, and no doubt Sage internally needs something more powerful.

But far more interesting, is that Sage is moving onto the Salesforce platform. Specifically, the press release says

Sage will undertake development work on the Salesforce1 platform to extend its capability in delivering cloud solutions to the small and medium-sized companies market.

What the heck does that mean?

Steven Brooks speculates that this means “Sage products could be coming to the appexchange in the near future.”

I’m inclined to agree with him. But as for the details, that’s anyone’s guess.

I’ve worked with Salesforce long enough to know that Salesforce will no doubt point them to a PDO (a particular type of Salesforce Partner that specializes in building apps on the AppExchange). If they are at idea stage now, then this means that they are 12 – 18 months away from launching anything on the AppExchange. Q3 2016?

Another question is, what are they launching?

I suppose they might focus on a new product, but it makes sense that they simply integrate one of their apps into Salesforce. They’d be mad to integrate one of their desktop apps as their first integration (troubleshooting on a larger scale would be brutally painful). So it’s cloud, and likely Sage One.

My guess is that while everyone will trumpet their integration with Salesforce, in reality this won’t mean much change for the fight for customers between Quickbooks Online, Xero, and Sage One.

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