A customer recently asked us to help them source an alternative to UserGems, as their needs didn’t quite align with what UserGems was offering.

Free Options

There aren’t really any free options here, other than trying to use employee/intern time (and then it has payroll/headcount costs). If you have a very small list of Contacts you are tracking, you (or an intern) could check them manually once a month. But if your time is more valuable, then please read on!

Paid Options

There are a lot of paid options. All of the ones listed below have an integration with Salesforce. Though not all of them have an easy integration with Salesforce!


An Australian Company fairly new to the market, triggr.ai offers a service with a lot of overlap to Usergems. Triggr is more affordable with a list price Triggr’s of $ 6k per year, vs UserGems at $ 24k per year.

Triggr offers a lightweight OAuth integration, rather than a native Salesforce app. That alone isn’t bad, but their integration created Tasks rather than leverage a dedicated custom object. And this meant that creating new Leads and new Contacts based on this data is almost impossible, because the important data was stuffed into a single text field, so Flows couldn’t easily access that data.

Our customer disqualified it for this reason.


Salesbolt was the most affordable option we found, due to their usage-based pricing, which scaled up and down with the number of contacts that needed to be checked. That was a major plus for our customer, as well as Salesbolt’s other offering, a Chrome Extension that helped them source and create leads in Salesforce from LinkedIn Profiles.

The core functionality of Salesbolt’s native Salesforce app was checking to see if your Salesforce Contacts, or Salesforce Leads, had recently changed their job role or employer, and if so, Salesbolt would create a custom record to notify users of that change (a similar approach for UserGems and SifData). The decision of which Leads or Contacts to check could be set from a standard Salesforce view (or a more complicated SOQL query). And the decision of when to check those Leads or Contacts was on a schedule determined by the SF Admin. So basically, you could check any subset of your Leads/Contacts whenever you wanted. Email addresses were included whenever someone changed jobs, but not phone numbers.

Salesbolt itself has a page listing alternatives to UserGems that will help you with your own research.

Track Job Changes

This app, with an incredibly clear website at trackjobchanges.com, appears to be an API based company, with a non-traditional Salesforce OAuth connection. Pricing was low, but our customer was concerned that the website was run by a company called Live Data at livedatatechnologies.com which itself had a one-page website that didn’t provide much context.


SifData is one of the three companies that takes our preferred technical approach (along with Salesbolt and UserGems). SifData creates a record in Salesforce showing the changes to the person’s title or employer. They also seem to have a more affordable price point then UserGems.

SifData has been around for 8 years now, making it also one of the longest established companies offering Job Change and Employer Change tracking.