Breadwinner now allows you to edit a Xero Contact from within Salesforce.

You do not need a Xero login to do this. If you have Breadwinner, anyone who has the Breadwinner Standard Permission Set can edit Xero Contacts.

You can use a similar screen as you would see if you were creating a Xero Contact. Except now you can use this to edit the Xero Contact.

There are two places you can access this.

  • One is during the New Invoice creation process. You’ll see a small, unobtrusive text link that lets you edit the Xero Contact during the Invoice creation process.
  • The other is from the Xero Contact record itself, where you can click on the “Edit this Xero Contact” button.

People often ask if this will also update the Salesforce Account’s address, or vice versa. While this might seem desirable at first, most people prefer to have these separate. This is especially the case when you have multiple Xero Contacts under the same Salesforce Account. So editing the Salesforce Address will not automatically update the Xero Contact address, nor will the reverse happen.

Please note, you cannot click on the standard Salesforce Edit button. For security and also technology reasons, this will not edit the Xero Contact, and any changes you make to the Xero Contact’s address will be overwritten during our Friday night hard-refresh.

We’ve made a video to explain this:


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