Unleashed integrates with QuickBooks and Xero

Unleashed is the most powerful inventory management system that connects to both Salesforce and the two most popular online accounting systems, Xero and QuickBooks. Businesses use Salesforce to manage their sales, Unleashed to manage their orders and inventory, and either Xero or QuickBooks to manage their finances.

Breadwinner completes the circle by retrieving all Accounts Receivable data from Xero/QuickBooks and keeping an up-to-date copy of that in Salesforce. With Breadwinner, everyone can see live, reportable, and actionable accounts receivable status, in Salesforce, for each Salesforce Account.

The integration is completely automated, and works at all subscription levels of Breadwinner.

Contact partners@breadwinner.com to learn more about integrating with Breadwinner.