Technical Results for Consultants & Developers

Breadwinner is designed to be enhanced by developers. We provide Xero Data in native and custom Salesforce objects. You can further add formulas, Apex roll-ups, workflow and triggers.

Breadwinner for Xero ERD

Breadwinner consists of four objects that are exposed in a read-only manner, and Breadwinner also allows for Editing and Creation of records in Xero through guided wizards that enforce financial controls.

The four objects are:

  • Invoice (which is a perfect copy / slave record of the Xero Invoice object, and also includes Credit Notes, and optionally Bills and Purchase Orders)
  • Xero Contact (which is a perfect copy / slave record of the Xero Contact object, and includes Xero Customers and Xero Vendors)
  • Line Items (a master-detail record under the Invoice, reflecting Xero Line Items)
  • Payments (a master-detail record under the Invoice, reflecting Xero Payments)

For security reasons, the above objects are stored as read-only data, that is updated from Xero four times an hour. So any changes made in Xero will be reflected in Salesforce within approximately 15 minutes.

Breadwinner for Xero to Salesforce ERD


Creating or editing records in Xero is possible through our guided Invoice Creation process, which can pull data from any object or object/child object structure.

Many Salesforce consultants ask if they can edit the data in Salesforce and have that reflected back to Xero; for many reasons (primarily for financial security, and data consistency) this is not possible nor wanted.

Breadwinner can also transparently and instantly create Xero Inventory Items at the moment of Invoice creation, however, Xero Inventory is rarely used by end customers.

If you need to bring Xero Inventory Items into Salesforce as Opportunity Products, you can do so as a one-time operation from the Breadwinner tab. Once Inventory is imported as Opportunity Products, we strongly recommend using Opportunity Products as your master data set, rather than Xero. This is because Opportunity Products have a more sophisticated structure in Salesforce, and also because we can create (if needed) Xero Inventory Items transparently at the time of Invoice creation.

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