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Breadwinner is designed to be enhanced by developers. We provide Xero Data in native and custom Salesforce objects. You can further add formulas, Apex roll-ups, workflow and triggers.

We have tried to put resources on this page to help you.


Breadwinner ERD

Breadwinner consists of two objects, an Invoice object (which is a perfect copy / slave record of the Xero Invoice object), and the Breadwinner Account Connection object (also known as the BAC object, which is a perfect copy / slave record of the Xero Contact object).

The Invoice and BAC objects in Salesforce should never be changed in Salesforce. Once created, they should be changed in Xero. Within an hour of being updated in Xero, they will be updated in Salesforce.

Additionally, Breadwinner can create Xero Inventory Items based on Opportunity Products. We will create a corresponding Xero Inventory Item in Xero based on the Opportunity Product Code. We create Xero Inventory Items on demand at the time of Invoice Creation. Xero Inventory creation happens in the background, and is transparent to the end user.

If you need to bring Xero Inventory Items into Salesforce as Opportunity Products, you can do so as a one-time operation from the Breadwinner tab. Once Inventory is imported as Opportunity Products, we strongly recommend using Opportunity Products as your master data set, rather than Xero. This is because Opportunity Products have a more sophisticated structure in Salesforce, and also because we can create (if needed) Xero Inventory Items transparently at the time of Invoice creation.

ERD for Breadwinner for Xero

Click on the image to see the full-sized ERD for Breadwinner for Xero.

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