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Breadwinner is the Salesforce professionals’ choice to integrate Salesforce with your finance system. Our software is easy to install and configure, safe and reliable to use.


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Integration Salesforce and Netsuite

Salesforce and Xero Integration

Salesforce and QuickBooks Integration

Salesforce Payment Processor Integration

Your trusted Salesforce & finance software syncing solution


Unlike others, our innovative software is quick and simple to set up and our experts will give honest and practical advice to streamline your business processes.


Eliminate double data entry and save valuable staff hours with Breadwinner for QuickBooks‘s automated account syncing. Prevent human error and improve accuracy by entering client information only once.


Avoid using out-dated information and empower your team with accurate reporting on the client’s current financial health. Build reports and dashboards with Breadwinner for Xero, which pulls Xero data into Salesforce.


Prevent payment roadblocks and allow your sales teams to raise invoices and view their status. Create and track invoices using Breadwinner Payments, resulting in fewer delays and accelerated payment times.


Allow staff to access valuable information while working at the appropriate level. With Breadwinner for NetSuite, management can regulate Standard and Read-Only Permission sets.

Invoice in Salesforce


  • Invoice Creation from Account, Opportunity, & Order objects

  • Invoice Status Tracking

  • Address Syncing

  • Multiple Accounting Orgs

  • Multiple Currencies


  • Standard and Read-Only safe modes

  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Salesforce Lightning Ready

  • Product Import

Don’t take our word for it

This is an excellent time and money saving product. Breadwinner allows our sales team to create draft invoices in Salesforce which sync to Xero for approval by finance. You can view at a glance the financial status of any client account in Salesforce on a simple dashboard. You can sync and prepopulate not just invoices but contacts and inventory.

Jonathan English

MD, Skeleton Productions

This install has saved us hours of time each month. We no longer have to input invoice data manually into Salesforce reports, or email back and forth between finance and sales to let them know about the payment status of clients’ invoices. The reduction in potential mistakes and double data entry means Breadwinner is now integral to our business.

Claire Braithwaite

CFO, Clearly So

This is an awesome product. I wish we had scrapped everything and moved to this right from the start. Breadwinner has simple installation and works immediately.  It makes our business so much more efficient. It also allows management to create powerful reports in Salesforce on Xero data – essential if your business is using Salesforce and Xero.

Chen Kotecha

MD, Scancom

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