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From AI to Rev Ops, Unleash Powerful Connectivity and Supercharge Your Two Most Important Apps.
NetSuite Salesforce Integration utilizing Breadwinner's seamless solutions
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Breadwinner Netsuite Salesforce Integration; Magellan Jets - Breadwinner Customer
Breadwinner Netsuite Salesforce Integration; Campaign Monitor - Breadwinner Customer
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Blazing Fast Time-to-Value. Fire

Breadwinner was built with NetSuite in mind, so deep functionality comes out of the box. Enjoy fast installation and configuration, syncing data as soon as same day.

And if you need to power up the integration even more, your team (or your partner) can customize or extend to their heart’s content. It all adds up to deep, powerful integration – ready fast.

AI Readiness, Built In. Einstein Emoji

With the exciting growth and limitless possibilities that AI brings, empower your AI strategy with mission-critical data from NetSuite, bringing the most valuable insights to your team.

Through the innovative lens of the Einstein Trust Layer, Breadwinner enables your Salesforce org to answer deep questions about your business, from predictive invoice payment, to enhanced sales forecasting.

Move faster, make better decisions, and stay ahead with AI-powered intelligence.

Great For Ai

Full Alignment with NetSuite. Ns Emjoi

Experience seamless integration with NetSuite, even in complex scenarios. Whether managing multiple subsidiaries, custom objects, or syncing customer and item records, Breadwinner ensures everything is perfectly aligned.

Maintain accuracy and efficiency across your entire operation, from handling intricate discount structures to ensuring real-time data synchronization. Trust in a solution designed to keep your business running smoothly, no matter the complexity.


Trusted. Future Proof.

Certified by Salesforce and found on AppExchange, Breadwinner is installed natively in your org, and is rigorously tested regularly in order to comply with strict security standards. As a company, Breadwinner maintains SOC II, Type 2 compliance in order to provide an audited and secure environment for our team (and yours).

Breadwinner’s Global API lets your (or your partner’s) team extend Breadwinner to grow with your evolving business needs. Use our Apex Generator to get a head start on your project, or write bespoke Apex code to meet your org’s specific needs.

Salesforce Generative AI. Supercharged.

Feed Einstein Copilot, Custom Actions, and more with live financial data from NetSuite.
Bring rich, full record data into your org for better operations, AI grounding, and deeper insights.

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Co Pilot Lozenge
Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Co Pilot

Gain insights about your customers and financial data right inside Salesforce

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prompt Builder Lozenge
Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prompt Builder

Remind customers they owe on their invoices with direct insights from their account

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prediction Builder 1
Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prediction Builder

Forecast customer behavior more accurately using financial data

You’re in Good Company.

24 Refresh Extensible


Breadwinner integrates directly within Salesforce via AppExchange, offering full financial system visibility, automated sales processes, and secure data management – no third-party tools required.

24 Refresh Secure


Future proof your Salesforce integration with massive extensibility, automatically sync custom objects without relying on specialist staff or resources, or use our API to really supercharge your business.

24 Refresh Fast


Rapidly install and configure, access full functionality out-of-the-box, and begin adding value to your business in hours and days, not weeks and months

We’ve got your back…

Check out some of the use cases for Breadwinner for NetSuite…

Accounts Receivable

Allow your Salesforce users to visualise and track NetSuite Invoice payment statuses from right inside Salesforce, without having to provide NetSuite licenses.

Quote to Cash

Manage the entire Q2C journey, from the Salesforce customer edge to the NetSuite back office. Trigger NetSuite Sales Orders and Invoices from any process step in Salesforce – from Opportunities to CPQ to Custom Objects.

Quoting with Inventory

Consult live NetSuite inventory data when creating Quotes in Salesforce. Manage typical ERP complexity (everything from Inventory on Hand to Restocking triggers) right inside Salesforce.

Activate NetSuite Subscription Billing from Salesforce

Trigger subscription billing and recurring revenue processes from within Salesforce using Breadwinner’s NetSuite Salesforce Integration.

Optimise Sales and Service Rep Routing

Enhance Visit Planning and live route optimisation with Payment, Inventory Availability or any NetSuite data.

Use Einstein AI to Predict the Future

Quickly give the Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform access to the data it needs to power tactical and strategic decisions with AI.

Unleash Processes While Restricting System Access

Invoke and orchestrate processes from either the Salesforce customer edge or the NetSuite back office, without providing unnecessary system access to teams. Audit, track and report on all processes.

Visualise ERP Data through the Lens of Salesforce

Instantly overlay CRM record ownership onto financial and ERP data without having to rely on a data lake or BI stack. See payment history by Account Owner or correlations between Revenue and Service Cases.

Self Serve

Create Salesforce Customer or Supplier portals enriched with the full gamut of NetSuite ERP data. Easily enable self-service for all your Customer, Partner and Supplier relationships, using Breadwinner’s NetSuite Salesforce Integration.

Maintain Separation of Concerns

Automatically and inherently respect the separation of concerns by providing the right data access (read, create, update, delete) to the right folks at the right time.

Learn about more use cases for Breadwinner’s NetSuite Salesforce Integration, and see them in action!

Breadwinner Salesforce Integration Products


Salesforce Netsuite Integration Breadwinner Products

Sync Salesforce & NetSuite quickly with Breadwinner for NetSuite. REST API also available.



Securely connect Salesforce with Stripe Payments using Breadwinner for Stripe.



Quickly & securely align your sales and finance data with Breadwinner for QuickBooks



Quickly & securely align your sales and finance data with Breadwinner for Xero.

More questions?

Can you integrate NetSuite with Salesforce?
In a word: Yes! The right solution provides a seamless bridge for NetSuite and Salesforce integration. We’ve invested in developing a robust solution that fully syncs your critical data between NetSuite and Salesforce. This integration eliminates organizational silos, giving your sales and finance teams the real-time data they need to collaborate effectively.

Even with potential mismatches between NetSuite’s data model and Salesforce’s architecture, our Salesforce NetSuite integration effortlessly merges the two systems. Choosing Breadwinner ensures an entirely stress-free integration process, streamlining those crucial workflows for your sales and finance teams by leveraging our purpose-built NetSuite Salesforce connector.

Breadwinner goes far beyond simply mirroring financial data into Salesforce. It delivers a refined user experience while empowering your finance team to generate NetSuite transaction types like sales orders, bills, and more – directly from opportunities within Salesforce. Unlocking real-time sales and financial data in one unified location guarantees that sales and finance teams always operate from the same accurate information.

What are the advantages of a NetSuite and Salesforce integration?
A NetSuite Salesforce integration empowers your sales and finance teams to raise invoices, sales orders, and estimates in NetSuite directly using Salesforce data. This saves precious time, minimizes the risk of errors, and improves efficiency across teams. When financial data is easily accessible within Salesforce, sales teams gain a 360-degree view of customer relationships, empowering them to make informed, data-driven decisions.

For instance, with financial data readily available in Salesforce, your team members can make strategic choices based on a customer’s payment status or other key metrics. Our purpose-built integration supports both finance and sales, providing the accurate, live data they need to make the best possible choices for your business. Breadwinner achieves this through continuous, real-time syncing of data between NetSuite and Salesforce, ensuring everyone works with the most current, reliable information.

Power your company’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy by feeding Einstein Copilot with rich data from your financial system in a safe, secure, highly visible way.  Quickly and securely exposing this data to Salesforce’s suite of AI solutions ensures your team maximizes the beneficial insights that AI can provide.

Since Breadwinner for NetSuite is laser-focused on this single integration, the entire process is remarkably user-friendly. Unlike iPaaS platforms offering hundreds of integrations, our NetSuite and Salesforce integration tool has a singular purpose, delivering a simpler and more streamlined experience.

With our comprehensive onboarding process, new Breadwinner users are expertly guided through integrating this Salesforce-native app within a single onboarding call. We provide all the tools and resources necessary for a smooth, successful integration of Salesforce and NetSuite. Our commitment to exceptional customer service is reflected in our outstanding five-star AppExchange rating.

How long will a successful NetSuite and Salesforce integration take?
Breadwinner dramatically simplifies the process, delivering market-leading time to value by enabling a successful NetSuite Salesforce integration in as little as one hour. Since our solution is built natively on the Salesforce platform, you have the power to create and view NetSuite records in Salesforce almost immediately after installation. To address the complexities of Salesforce NetSuite integration, we’ve meticulously designed a robust solution that prioritizes your time.

With our intuitive application, connecting these two powerful platforms is remarkably straightforward. We pride ourselves on providing rapid, effective customer support to ensure every user can complete the connection process quickly and confidently.

Unlike other platforms that might necessitate weeks or even months of complex scoping and installation, this Salesforce-native application can be set up in an hour. Breadwinner’s specialization in integrating Salesforce with financial platforms is evident in the exceptional user experiences we deliver. You can benefit from the power of this Salesforce connector out of the box.

Does a NetSuite to Salesforce integration require coding?
No – using Breadwinner eliminates any coding requirements for your NetSuite to Salesforce integration. Our dedicated customer success team and a comprehensive knowledge base, brimming with valuable resources, offer everything you need to hit the ground running using our NetSuite integration with Salesforce.

To get started, explore the video tutorials and step-by-step guides within our knowledge base. They address common questions and provide clear guidance for new users of our Salesforce connector. Should any additional questions arise, our customer success team is always here to support you.

Unlock the full potential of Breadwinner in under an hour. A few easy steps are all it takes, thanks to our coding-free NetSuite integration with Salesforce. For teams with access to Salesforce developers, take things further by using the combined data from this Salesforce NetSuite integration to build powerful Flows, reports, and more.

How do I get started with a NetSuite to Salesforce integration?
Skip the time-consuming setup associated with cloud-based integration services like Boomi or Celigo. Opt for the ease and speed of Breadwinner’s NetSuite Salesforce integration by signing up for a free trial – no payment or upfront commitment is needed.

This free trial, complete with premium onboarding and support, empowers you to explore the core benefits of Salesforce NetSuite integration and achieve a fast time-to-value. See for yourself within the hour! Get in touch today.