Bring your payments into Salesforce. Leave your headaches in the past.

Breadwinner Payments securely connects Salesforce with Stripe, Square, and Braintree. Your teams can create Stripe subscriptions, charge customers safely, and view payments in a unified way – all from within Salesforce.

Breadwinner Payments - Sync Salesforce Stripe Square Braintree

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With its tight integration to Stripe, Breadwinner Payments lets us manage membership subscriptions right inside Salesforce – making our membership base scalable and our subscription process much more efficient.

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Salesforce Generative AI. Supercharged.

Feed Einstein Copilot, Custom Actions, and more with live financial data from Stripe, Square or Braintree. Bring rich, full record data into your org for better operations, AI grounding, and deeper insights.

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Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Co Pilot

Gain insights about your customers and financial data right inside Salesforce

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Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prompt Builder

Remind customers they owe on their invoices with direct insights from their account

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Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prediction Builder

Forecast customer behavior more accurately using financial data

Stop wasting time with messy data, avoidable errors, and manual work

  • Your sales team wants to sell, and finance wants to bill customers. So when sales bring in a new deal, you don’t want friction and drama when it comes time to set up subscriptions or send invoices.

  • Dealing with who has the right access, which system has what information, and the inevitable mistakes can not only cost time and headaches but also erode customer trust.

Create Invoices and Subscriptions in Salesforce, right from Opportunities or custom objects for faster deal completion

Say goodbye to messy time-wasting manual work. Ride the momentum of completing a deal faster with Breadwinner Payments.

Create Stripe subscriptions from Salesforce within seconds


Go to your closed won opportunity in Salesforce and click on the ‘New Subscription’ button


Review all subscription details and set start and end subscription dates, if needed


Click on ’Create Subscription’ and Breadwinner will create that subscription in Stripe and reflect it back into Salesforce immediately. It really is that easy!

Breadwinner Payments - Create Stripe Subscriptions in Salesforce

Fully sync your Stripe, Square, and Braintree data into Salesforce for full visibility

Unifying valuable payment data eliminates silos, improves communication, and unites your team around a common goal of increasing revenue.

Salesforce Stripe Square Braintree Integration - Customer Account

Stay in the know

  • Breadwinner pulls all your payments, payment methods, and customers into Salesforce automatically, giving you full visibility into your payments, past and present.
  • Unify your payment processor data by matching it to your Accounts and Contacts, letting you see your customer payments in related lists, front and center.

The big picture

  • Fully align your team on payment status, and keep your A/R under control. See who has paid and who hasn’t.
  • Use the power of Salesforce reports to keep your team up to date on your RevOps.
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Charge your customers instantly and get paid on time

With Breadwinner Payments, bringing your Stripe, Square, or Braintree data into Salesforce means teams can bill customers from Salesforce with ease.

Send billing requests from Salesforce

  • Easily create new charges to customers right inside Salesforce with a few simple clicks.
  • Instantly get confirmation from your payment processor whether a charge was successful.
  • Securely create new payment methods without storing actual credit card data in your org.
Salesforce PayPal View Payment Method

Keep your customers’ data secure


Breadwinner is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and regularly audited. We’ve designed Breadwinner Payments in alignment with PCI standards.


All sensitive customer data is tokenized and kept private, so no user can directly see credit card or other secure data.


Our solutions are regularly reviewed against security standards across multiple platforms.

Salesforce Stripe View Payment Method

Powerful and intuitive technology built by experts 

Quick Set-up

Install Breadwinner Payments’ fully integrated two-way sync in under an hour. Field mappings are pre-configured and Stripe, Square, or Braintree data is imported into Salesforce quickly and intuitively.

Secure Design

Breadwinner is SOC 2 Type II compliant and designed to provide valuable financial data while keeping sensitive information like credit card and account numbers hidden.

Salesforce Native

As an out-of-the-box solution, Breadwinner Payments makes syncing with Salesforce simple. Match Stripe, Square, or Braintree Customers, Products, Payment Methods, discounts, and more.

Team of Experts

Breadwinner’s products are built, supported, and led by our highly skilled team with extensive experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and the finance industry.

Get started with Breadwinner Payments

Find out how easy it is to get up and running! Get started with your free trial today or contact us for a live demo with our friendly team.

Breadwinner Support Team

Power Your AI With Data

Got questions about integration, or generative AI for Salesforce?  Let one of our friendly experts chart a course forward with you.

Breadwinner is committed to data privacy and will never share or sell your data with unauthorized 3rd parties.