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A software that connects Salesforce to your Payment Processor. Either create new payments or import all historical payments. Breadwinner Payments helps businesses access crucial data to make informed decisions in real-time by exposing Credit Card and ACH functionality from within Salesforce.

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Salesforce Payment Processor Integration

Which Payment Processor platform do you use?

salesforce and stripe sync
Salesforce and Braintree Sync

An integration solution that works intuitively


Avoid using out-dated information and empower your team with accurate reporting on the client’s current financial health. Build reports and dashboards with Breadwinner for Stripe, which pulls Stripe data into Salesforce. Breadwinner connects to Stripe Credit Card and ACH Payments.


Save staff time and give them access to valuable client information while working at the appropriate level. With Breadwinner for Square, management can regulate Standard and Read-Only Permission sets. Breadwinner can import online and retail credit card payments into Salesforce.


Get started with a robust integration that is easy to set-up and configure. Benefit immediately with Breadwinner for Braintree by syncing data, accessing accurate client data, and viewing all payment methods from within Salesforce. Braintree Credit Card and ACH Payments can be imported or created via Breadwinner. 

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Payment Processor fully integrated with Salesforce


  • All Payment Processor Payments, including credit cards and bank account transfers, are visible in Salesforce as native data and presented in a readable format.
  • These payments can then trigger other actions or records in Salesforce, allowing increased automation and efficiency.
Stripe Salesforce Integration View Payment

Increase transparency and view Payment Methods in Salesforce

Square Salesforce integration view payment methods


  • In addition to all Payment Processor Payments, you can also view all Payment Methods.
  • Payment Methods are stored as native Salesforce data and presented in an easily-read format. Payments are shown from those credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Easily charge customers for additional transactions in the future, using the securely stored payment methods.
  • All of this is PCI compliant, as sensitive data is stored in your Payment Processor platform. Breadwinner brings in your Payment Processor ID’s and Tokens but does not bring in sensitive Credit Card numbers.

Payment Processor customers visible and connected to Salesforce customers


  • Provide your staff with a comprehensive and accurate view of your customers.
  • Breadwinner Payments allows you to associate Payment Processor Customers with either Salesforce Accounts or Salesforce Contacts.
  • All of the rich data in your Payment Processor is represented at the customer level, and can also be displayed on other Salesforce records and objects.
  • Our real-time, two-way synchronisation is built on and managed by experts.

Braintree Salesforce Integration Access Customer Data

Elevate your business with Breadwinner’s Salesforce and Payments integration solution

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