Breadwinner for Stripe Pricing

Breadwinner for Stripe is priced so as to maximize your return on investment. We ensure that the subscription cost returns a significant multiple of direct value. Additionally we ensure secondary and tertiary benefits that also contribute to the bottom line.

Please contact us as for a discussion on whether Breadwinner for Stripe will suit your needs, and to start your free trial.

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

Do you charge for Support?

Support is included with a subscription to Breadwinner.

Do you offer a free trial?

After an introductory call, where we assess the potential fit, prospects are welcome to install a free trial. We also provide onboarding assistance at this stage to ensure you are getting the most out of your free trial.

What are the technical requirements?

We work with Salesforce Professional and up. Please see our requirements page for more specific details.

Is there an implementation fee?

There is no fee or implementation cost for our free trial. You can fully explore Breadwinner for Stripe in your Salesforce Sandbox.

Depending on your company-specific needs, and also if you require any customizations or modifications of Breadwinner for Stripe, we may charge an implementation fee.

My favorite feature about Breadwinner is it helps us collect bills from late-paying customers. When someone calls up with a support request, I can instantly see in Salesforce whether they have any overdue bills. And if they do, I can ask them for an expected payment date before continuing. I figure it paid for itself in the first 4 days!

Brendan McDaniel

CTO, Third Sector IT

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