Streamline Your Workflow & Drive Better Business Results with a Powerful QuickBooks Salesforce Integration

Breadwinner enables businesses to seamlessly align their sales and finance data, creating a unified system that fosters collaboration and a shared vision for growth and profitability among teams.

An intuitive, reliable, and robust QuickBooks Salesforce Integration

Easy Install with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Easy Install

Installing software has never been so easy. With Breadwinner, field mappings are pre-configured and data is imported quickly and intuitively.

Secure operations with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Secure Operations

Allow staff to view select accounting data in a Read-Only or Read-Write permission framework. Our Salesforce native app is designed with security in mind.

Two-way Sync with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Two-way Sync

Breadwinner is a true bi-directional syncing solution. Any changes made in Salesforce are updated in QuickBooks Online within minutes.

Salesforce Generative AI. Supercharged.

Feed Einstein Copilot, Custom Actions, and more with live financial data from QuickBooks. Bring rich, full record data into your org for better operations, AI grounding, and deeper insights.

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Co Pilot Lozenge
Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Co Pilot

Gain insights about your customers and financial data right inside Salesforce

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prompt Builder Lozenge
Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prompt Builder

Remind customers they owe on their invoices with direct insights from their account

Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prediction Builder 1
Netsuite Salesforce Integration Ai Einstein Prediction Builder

Forecast customer behavior more accurately using financial data

A quick and powerful sync between Salesforce and QuickBooks Online

Increase productivity and save valuable time

Edit Quickbooks Online Contact with Breadwinner's seamless integration

Edit QuickBooks Online Contact

Eliminate double data entry and allow your team to edit client details, such as billing and shipping information, in Salesforce. These updates will then be reflected in QuickBooks Online instantly.

Address sync with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Address Sync

Eliminate tedious processes like copying and pasting. Identify missing addresses and discrepancies between Salesforce and QuickBooks Online and resolve them with a few clicks.

Salesdforce Quickbooks Integration
Speed up time-to-payment and accelerate the sales cycle with Breadwinner's Quickbooks to Salesforce Integration

Speed up time-to-payment and accelerate cash flow

Create invoices with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Create Invoices

Create QuickBooks Online invoices in Salesforce from an account, opportunity, order, or any custom object with ease. Empower teams to create and send invoices on time with Breadwinner’s QuickBooks Salesforce Integration.

Track invoice status with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Track Invoice Status

Allowing your teams to track invoice status within Salesforce, including those that are overdue, due, and paid, enables easier collections and faster time-to-payment.

Increase accuracy and work with critical data in real-time

Access QuickBooks Online Companies with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Access QuickBooks Online Companies

Give staff access to the client’s overall financial health with current and reliable A/R data within Salesforce. Don’t hold back valuable data that could help your team’s success.

Pre-populate fields with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Pre-populate Fields

Avoid using outdated data and configure your QuickBooks Online invoice from within Salesforce. Breadwinner can pull data from default fields, or set your own fields such as due dates, discounts, prices, tax rates, and custom fields. Unleash your QuickBooks Salesforce Integration!

Pre-populate fields with Breadwinner's QuickBooks salesforce integration

Digitally transform business workflows through automation

Implementing workflow automation between Salesforce and your finance software has monumental gains but it doesn’t need to be a monumental task. Breadwinner offers robust automation tools, including our Guided Wizard, Custom Guided Wizard, and Flows.

Flexible to suit your business needs

Breadwinner’s QuickBooks Salesforce Integration offers businesses unparalleled flexibility by allowing them to choose a configuration that aligns with their specific business process requirements, user’s technical experience, and data sync direction. Whether you prefer a one-way or two-way sync, Breadwinner empowers you to customize the integration to suit your unique needs. Our user-friendly interface makes it effortless for any user, regardless of their technical expertise, to configure and manage the integration smoothly. With Breadwinner, you can confidently tailor the integration to achieve optimal efficiency and streamline your operations.

Designed for all user experience levels

Breadwinner’s powerful automation solutions are meticulously crafted with various user roles in mind, catering to the needs of admins, power users, consultants, and developers alike. Our intuitive design ensures that functionality, security, efficacy, and ease-of-use are at the forefront of every solution we offer. From seamless integration into existing workflows to advanced customization options, Breadwinner empowers admins to effortlessly manage and optimize their systems. Power users can leverage our robust features to streamline processes and enhance productivity, while consultants can rely on our comprehensive automation capabilities to deliver exceptional results for their clients. Developers will appreciate Breadwinner’s flexible framework, allowing them to extend and enhance functionality to meet their unique requirements.

Breadwinner - Salesforce and QuickBooks Invoice Creation

Why Breadwinner?

Are you finding that implementing iPaaS and other project-based solutions for integrating QuickBooks and Salesforce is becoming excessively time-consuming and costly? Look no further. Breadwinner’s QuickBooks Salesforce Integration offers a native and extensible solution that adds immediate value in a matter of hours or days, eliminating the need for lengthy implementation timelines spanning weeks or months.

Say goodbye to the frustrations of complicated integration processes and embrace a seamless and efficient solution that swiftly enhances your workflow and maximizes productivity. With Breadwinner, you can experience the benefits of a reliable and accelerated integration that saves you time and resources, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – growing and succeeding in your business.

Extensible Product

ns page BW icon 1Buy

03a Product Qb

Buy a native, extensible QuickBooks Salesforce Integration that’s been honed to meet almost all use cases out-of-the-box, and full flexibility to support customer or edge use cases.

Use for: Profound, fast, and efficient integration of, usually, two software platforms.

iPaaS Project


breadwinner quickbooks salesforce integration; ipaas project Build integration

Build a generalist intermediation QuickBooks Salesforce Integration that connects systems in a many-to-many pattern. This type of approach is typically a long-running project.

Use for: Large, multifaceted, many-to-many integration projects across multiple platforms.

Custom Code


Breadwinner; Quickbooks salesforce integration; custom code invent

Invent a custom QuickBooks Salesforce Integration using custom code. This project approach is long-running and has high ongoing maintenance requirements.

Use for: Integration projects with custom needs that are unsolvable with existing solutions.

Hear from our customers

We love to keep our customers happy and are proud to say that Breadwinner’s Quickbook to Salesforce Integration holds a 5 out of 5 star rating on the AppExchange.

Hummingbird Technologies Logo - Breadwinner Client for Quickbooks Salesforce Integration

“We needed a platform that was going to deliver on what it promised. Breadwinner’s installation process was straightforward and smooth with a quick implementation session. We were set up and ready to go within an hour.”

Helen Keevil
Head of UK Sales, Hummingbird Technologies

apkudo Logo - Breadwinner Client for Quickbooks Salesforce Integration

“We sought a solution that leverages automation and software to do these mundane tasks so our staff can focus on customer-facing actions that drive the business. With Breadwinner, the result is we’re more efficient and productive with fewer manual processes, and that’s better for everyone.”

Darwin Stephenson
Chief Revenue Officer, Apkudo

Play Space Designs Logo - Play Space Designs; Breadwinner Client for Quickbooks Salesforce Integration

“The issue with doing manual data entry is you have to double-check it and triple-check it. Breadwinner became a key player, acting as the bridge between the two pieces of software that allowed us to quickly and simply move information that was already being developed in Salesforce; without the extra cost and hassle”

Morgan Selph
President, PlaySpace Designs

Take your business to the next level with Breadwinner’s QuickBooks Salesforce Integration

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Power Your AI With Data

Got questions about integration, or generative AI for Salesforce?  Let one of our friendly experts chart a course forward with you.

Breadwinner is committed to data privacy and will never share or sell your data with unauthorized 3rd parties.

Have more questions? We answer some of your most frequently asked ones here.

Does QuickBooks integrate with Salesforce?

Yes! The right Salesforce QuickBooks integration allows for seamless connection between QuickBooks and Salesforce. Our expert developers have crafted a comprehensive solution built for this specific purpose. Breadwinner enhances cross-team collaboration for your finance and sales departments, aligning sales and finance data for a unified workflow and a unified team.

Our real-time QuickBooks and Salesforce integration empowers your sales and finance teams to operate as a cohesive unit, fueling growth and profitability. If breaking down organizational silos and unlocking greater efficiency is your goal, our Salesforce QuickBooks Online integration deserves serious consideration.

Changes made in Salesforce automatically reflect in QuickBooks within minutes. Instead of navigating separate platforms for crucial information, our intuitive, reliable, and robust solution brings everything into a single, centralized location. This access to critical, real-time data allows sales and finance teams to make quick, well-informed decisions.

But it doesn’t stop there – Breadwinner is a bi-directional syncing solution, mirroring financial data within Salesforce in real-time, but it also allows you to sync new sales data to your financial system. Leveraging Breadwinner lets your finance team rest assured that data from your sales team is clean, accurate, and ready for syncing. This integration for Salesforce and QuickBooks is feature-rich, and specifically designed to save your staff significant time.

What are the benefits of QuickBooks Salesforce integration?

A QuickBooks Salesforce integration delivers numerous advantages for your business. Firstly, it automates tedious and repetitive data entry tasks, freeing up your teams to focus on strategic work.  Secondly, all crucial customer information becomes readily accessible within Salesforce, creating a single source of truth. This centralized data empowers both sales and finance to make informed decisions based on real-time insights. 

Additionally, you can power your company’s artificial intelligence (AI) strategy by feeding Einstein Copilot with rich data from your financial system in a safe, secure, highly visible way.  Quickly and securely exposing this data to Salesforce’s suite of AI solutions ensures your team maximizes the beneficial insights that AI can provide.

Moreover, a QuickBooks Salesforce integration enhances collaboration by keeping sales and finance teams on the same page, streamlining workflows, and saving valuable time and resources. This ultimately leads to an enhanced customer experience, as your teams have immediate access to the latest data, allowing them to provide superior customer service.

What is the best QuickBooks Salesforce integration?

Answers to this may vary, but one thing we consistently hear from our customers is that achieving integration on a shorter timeline is always preferred. Our QuickBooks integration with Salesforce is installed and configured with minimal, non-technical effort, and helps businesses eliminate repetitive processes. It prevents double data entry, enabling teams to edit billing and shipping information directly within Salesforce – those changes instantly reflect in QuickBooks. Say goodbye to copying and pasting data across platforms!

Connecting these platforms might seem complex, but Breadwinner handles the heavy lifting for you. Our dedicated developers have built a remarkable solution that accounts for the nuances of both QuickBooks and Salesforce. Installation is incredibly easy, with pre-configured field mappings and rapid data import.

Unlike generic iPaaS platforms with 100+ integrations that can be difficult to use for complex tasks, our purpose-built QuickBooks and Salesforce integration is specifically designed to create a powerful alignment between sales and finance teams by syncing full records into Salesforce – not just stubs or summaries.

Does QuickBooks have CRM capabilities?

No – while you could attempt to use QuickBooks with CRM-like features, it’s fundamentally designed as an accounting solution. Manually adding QuickBooks data to Salesforce for each customer is time-consuming and inefficient. Breadwinner automatically syncs your QuickBooks data into Salesforce, enabling your team to focus on revenue generation instead of tedious administrative tasks.

How do you integrate with QuickBooks?

Breadwinner securely connects to QuickBooks using Intuit’s prescribed APIs and libraries. We follow implementation and security guidelines from Intuit precisely, ensuring your data is efficiently and securely integrated with Salesforce.

Fast-moving sales and finance teams require real-time data at their fingertips to make sound decisions. Our free trial presents a risk-free opportunity to explore our connector solution without any upfront commitment. Are you ready to get started? Book a demo today.