Demo of Breadwinner for QuickBooks

Find out how you can save time, improve accuracy, and view critical real-time data from within Salesforce. The video below will give you a brief demo of how integrating Salesforce with QuickBooks Online will streamline your sales and finance data.


Intelligent Syncing

Breadwinner treats QuickBooks Online as your master storage and brings a perfect copy of that information into Salesforce. Breadwinner also creates QuickBooks Online Customers, Invoices, and Products/Services from Salesforce records, in just a few clicks in Salesforce.


No Mapping Required

Breadwinner can be installed and configured in minutes, with no mapping required! This is possible because we have dedicated objects in Salesforce that perfectly represents a corresponding QuickBooks Online object. 

Work smarter, not harder

Take your business to the next level with Breadwinner for QuickBooks