With the plethora of Salesforce and NetSuite integration tools available, it can be challenging to know which one to choose.

In order to know which one is right for your business, you have to know what to look for. 

Integrate Salesforce with NetSuite

Here are four things to consider when choosing the right integration tool:

1. Integrate Both Ways

Two-way integrations allow information to be sent back and forth between two pieces of software. Selecting an integration tool that has a two-way connector for NetSuite and Salesforce is a great choice if you want to eliminate silos and enhance your way of working. 

For example, you can easily connect your NetSuite companies to your accounts in Salesforce; or generate an invoice or sales order from within Salesforce and push it straight into your NetSuite account. 

Understandably, some businesses may prefer a one-way integration tool, depending on their requirements. For example, they may only need to view NetSuite data in Salesforce, rather than write to NetSuite, to evaluate how their opportunities compare to invoicing, or the sales team may want to check on invoice status.

Nevertheless, many businesses greatly benefit from two-way connectors as it eliminates the need to update records manually in both NetSuite and Salesforce, therefore saving time, increasing cash flow, and making better decisions in real-time. 


2. Quick Install & Configuration

Time is always a concern when it comes to implementing a new product. Installations can cause disruptions to a business’s workflow and productivity, as dedicated staff may be taken away from their usual tasks/projects.

Therefore, when selecting an integration tool for Salesforce and NetSuite, it’s important to assess the time it will take to set-up and configure. Given that NetSuite has a complex accounting system, it can be easy to assume that you’d be looking at a lengthy implementation process. 

Some integration tools can become big projects, lasting for weeks and even months; assess what makes sense for your team and business.

With Breadwinner, despite the complexities of some accounting systems, you are still able to get up and running in days and weeks, not months or years; this is due to the minimal configuration and custom mapping that is required.  

Salesforce and NetSuite Integration Solution

3. Ensure Safety & Set User Permissions 

With the use of sensitive data, finance teams can be wary of which staff has access to what information. Being able to set user permissions for staff at their appropriate levels not only ensures safety precautions but also puts the minds of finance teams at ease.

Using Breadwinner, businesses can easily adjust Salesforce security settings to either enable or prevent users and profiles from reading and/or writing. 

With modes such as ‘Read-only or Write and Read’, users can view invoices or sales orders without being able to edit, create, or delete them. Finance teams can protect critical data from being disrupted, while still enabling sales teams to have an insight into relevant data and invoice statuses. These modes will help to empower teams to make better decisions with their opportunities. 


4. Customize to Suit Your Business 

Customization is key when it comes to integrating your finance software with Salesforce. NetSuite is a highly configurable platform, allowing for the creation of custom fields to store information unique to your business.

So it’s vital to find an integration that will leverage your existing customization in NetSuite and reflect in Salesforce, ensuring that you can see the same data in both systems.

This will also help your staff in their adoption of a new application and workflow; limiting the need for further training. Breadwinner will automatically identify custom fields in NetSuite and allow you to instantly recreate those fields on the corresponding objects within Salesforce with just one click, so even custom NetSuite data will be displayed within Salesforce in minutes and with no coding required. 

To learn more about integrating Salesforce with your NetSuite account, check out our listing on the Salesforce AppExchange.