Breadwinner is incredibly excited to announce the release of Breadwinner Payments. This integration will serve Salesforce customers who want a robust, live, two-way integration with payment processors such as Stripe, Braintree, and Square.

Integrate Salesforce with NetSuite

Accelerate billing, invoicing, and payment processes

Breadwinner has years of experience helping Salesforce customers increase cash flow, reduce time-to-cash, and decrease administrative hours by integrating Salesforce with leading accounting platforms: NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero. However, this originally only served businesses that primarily issued Invoices to their customers and didn’t help those businesses receive payments through the ever-expanding payment landscape.

Breadwinner can now impact and accelerate every aspect of the billing, invoicing, and payment process. By delivering a tight integration between Salesforce, the accounting platform, and the payments platform, Breadwinner can continue to save companies time and money while ensuring they are paid in full, on time, through any payment method. This is all while ensuring this information is securely distributed through the Salesforce org.

Salesforce and Stripe Square Braintree Integration

Increase efficiency for Sales, Finance, and Operations

On the technical level, Breadwinner continues to take the sales-and-operations-friendly approach of bringing in all financial data to Salesforce. This allows reporting, dashboards, and record pages to reflect live accounting information. This information can include all historical data, including transactions and customers from years before the customer even started using Salesforce.

And, in a finance-friendly approach, Breadwinner provides fine-grained control of what is allowed to be written to the payments platform from within Salesforce. Capabilities can range from Read-Only integration with the finance and payments platforms, to per-user permission sets, or even more permissive approaches. 

All of this data flow can either be purely automatic and live or entered through Breadwinner’s Guided Wizard to ensure easy per-transaction data integration. In total, this multi-layered approach ensures that the Sales and Operations teams access the data they need while providing Finance the certainty that their systems are secure and accurate.

To learn more about Breadwinner Payments and how it can benefit your business, schedule a demo with us and we will set you up on a free trial!