Learn how to integrate Certinia (formerly FinancialForce) with leading cloud-based accounting and ERP platforms.

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Integrate Certinia with Xero

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Certinia is one of the leading PSA solutions, and best of all, it’s built on the Salesforce platform. This means you can leverage native Salesforce integrations, including Breadwinner, to increase cash flow and reduce FTEs by eliminating redundant labor.

Certinia customers usually want to have a robust integration with their accounting solution that allows them to create Invoices or Sales Orders from the Certinia Billing Event. Breadwinner allows this with both automation and our guided wizard which is useful when finance wants to add an approval process or review for exceptions.

Once those Sales Orders are created in the accounting system, teams across your company will want to track their progress. Breadwinner ensures that everyone in your company can see if an invoice has been issued, and is due or overdue, and when it was paid.

certinia netsuite integration view invoices

As well as seeing the Invoices individually, because of Breadwinner your team can see all NetSuite invoices, live, in Salesforce, and these invoices can be accessed via Views, Reports, and Dashboards.

certinia netsuite integration all invoices as view


Because Breadwinner is a native solution, implementation of Breadwinner for NetSuite takes days, not weeks or months. Breadwinner typically works closely with your Salesforce Consultancy to ensure the best results for you and your team. 

Check with Breadwinner to find out more about the leading partners who have experience with both Breadwinner and Certinia.