Wireless Communications save staff time and money by subscribing to Breadwinner

Wireless Communications Pty Ltd is an award-winning locally owned business in Adelaide Australia, that has customers all over the world. They provide a range of mobile and voice-based devices and applications, supplying their customers with internet products as well as phone systems and IT solutions that are specifically built for business. They work end-to-end with their clients to ensure they cover all aspects of a business’ operation.

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Wireless Communications chose to use Salesforce as their CRM. However, they needed to be able to quickly and efficiently organize their accounts with access to live information from Xero. Wireless Communication’s previous method of manually inputting all information in order to send invoices to customers delayed the time to cash and slowed the whole order process. Breadwinner was able to provide the cloud-based solution that efficiently solved their issues. 

One System to Rule Them All 

Wireless Communications committed to Salesforce and decided to use the Matrix Velocity Salesforce app to manage their Inventory and Order Fulfillment; this was the first step in ensuring their team only had to work within one system. The missing key to their dream effortless set-up was being able to automatically integrate the information from Xero with no further need for the manual creation of invoices. 


The installation of Breadwinner went very smoothly and is helping us to achieve [using just one system] and we have no problem pushing invoices.

Hany Zaki, Finance Officer

Breadwinner provided a simple and time-effective way to link Xero to Salesforce so that Wireless Communication’s sales representatives could see the financial status of each of their customers, and the time to cash could increase significantly.