FinancialForce Pricing

Pricing for FinancialForce is a bit of a moving target – there are different licenses, different modules, and different discounts, depending on who you are or what you are looking for. But we’ll try to provide as much information as possible.

A small business will usually pay a minimum of $9000 annually to use FinancialForce; their own AppExchange page quoted $750 USD per month last year, though now the listing does not publish a minimum price. The $9000 annually is also reported by Heather Clancy in ZDNet. This price requires a minimum number of users.

There are various user levels, and people have reported that the prices are:

CostUser TypeAccess
$175/monthCoreAll Features
$125/monthExecutive UsersReport on Financial Data (Read Only)
$10/monthSales UsersView Some Data


We’ve also heard reports that there is ambiguity around the enforcement of this – preventing a sales user from reporting may not be technically possible in Salesforce.

Implementation cost can also vary greatly, but expect the starting price to be in the $10k to $15k for small to medium-sized organizations.

Seem expensive?

This is often where our app Breadwinner comes in. We create a tight integration with the populate accounting systems Xero and Quickbooks Online, both of which allow for near-unlimited users. Your Finance Team lives in your finance package, and your Sales Team lives in Salesforce.

The net result of this is to save staff time by reducing double data entry, wasted phone calls and email, and reduce errors. This in turn means that sales selling and not copying and pasting, and finance is helping your company become more profitable instead of copying and pasting.

Let Breadwinner help you integrate Xero and Salesforce, or Quickbooks Online and Salesforce, and securely control who can access and view those Invoices, Credit Notes, Line Items, Payment, Bills, Purchase Orders, and much more.

And the pricing of Breadwinner plus the Xero or Quickbooks Online Accounting app is far, far less than the price of Financial Force!


FinancialForce Alternatives

We’ve also written up a page with a list of FinancialForce Alternatives.

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