Remember when “higher efficiency” was just another item on your list of Sales team goals?

It was something to plan for and work toward – but not necessarily something you had to deliver IMMEDIATELY … or yesterday if possible.

For better or for worse, those days are long gone.

Now, it’s 2023, and efficiency is an urgent priority #1 for Sales teams across the globe.

We see all of you Sales leaders working hard to determine how to maximize Sales volume, increase speed, shrink expenses, and minimize human involvement.

We know it can feel like “Mission Impossible” sometimes – and we’re here to help you solve one of your biggest problems: CPQ delays, mistakes, and inefficiencies.

If you’re using Salesforce for CRM and NetSuite for ERP, Breadwinner is the solution you need to eliminate CPQ headaches and supercharge Sales efficiency and performance.

CPQ Gone Bad: Nonexistent Products, Inventory Mismatch, Off-Base Lead Times & Inconsistent Pricing

Configure the product, calculate a price, and provide a quote to the customer – on paper, CPQ sounds like a straightforward process.

What could possibly go wrong?

As you know all too well, quite a lot.

See if you recognize anything on this list of common CPQ-related problems:

  • Selling non-existent or unavailable products
  • Deep discounts that seal the deal, but don’t make a profit
  • Prices based on out-of-date costs
  • Lead times that don’t reflect live inventory availability or production schedules
  • Inaccurate quotes that have to be revised later
  • Wasted time creating special discounts for customers with sketchy payment history

Unfortunately, these CPQ errors and inefficiencies have real effects on your business. We’re talking hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in losses and missed opportunities fueled by CPQ-related consequences such as :

  • Low-profit margins
  • Product shortages & overruns
  • Frustrated customers
  • Canceled orders
  • Slower Sales cycles

But we’re not telling you anything new – you deal with these problems every day.

Tools like Salesforce are supposed to help make CPQ better – and they do, to some extent, by making it faster and easier to configure quotes and send them to customers. On their own, however, they don’t solve your toughest – and most expensive – CPQ challenges. 

To do that, you need a solution that addresses the real reason CPQ is such a costly problem: the disconnect between Sales and Operations. 

How Breadwinner for NetSuite Takes CPQ in Salesforce from Big Problem to Big Value

The root of your CPQ problems is the disconnect between your Sales team and the accurate, up-to-date info they need to do their jobs well.

Here’s what we mean: Salespeople need data to keep deals moving, sell products at a profit, and prepare accurate quotes.

But most Sales teams – even teams who use Salesforce for CRM and/or CPQ – don’t have access to live inventory, pricing, or delivery estimates. They’re essentially flying blind most of the time.

The information exists somewhere – most likely in the NetSuite ERP system – but Sales folks work in Salesforce.

Sure, Sales team members could reach out to someone with NetSuite access to get the data they need, but that takes valuable time, and they may not get a response anyway.

Rather than risk slowing down a deal, many people will cross their fingers, hope their information is accurate, and press on with CPQ.

You know how the rest of the story goes – we’ve already talked about CPQ problems and consequences.

Now let’s talk about the solution – Breadwinner for NetSuite. We’re not going to go deep into technical features here, but here’s what you need to know:

Breadwinner for NetSuite connects Salesforce and NetSuite so that live data from NetSuite is visible in Salesforce, giving your Sales team access to the information they need to drastically improve CPQ accuracy and efficiency.

It’s a surefire way to turn your CPQ process from a big problem into a model of efficiency and a driver of stellar Sales performance.

3 Ways Breadwinner for NetSuite Transforms Your CPQ Process – And Results

1.) Breadwinner for NetSuite prevents Sales team members from selling products you can’t deliver

No more selling products and hoping Operations can deliver. Instead, NetSuite inventory, product descriptions, and product availability details are imported to Salesforce, so your Sales team always knows exactly which products they can sell to customers.

And that means no more angry phone calls from Operations, no more disappointed customers, and no more losses from canceled orders.

Screenshot of pricing in Breadwinner's Salesforce NetSuite integration

2.) Breadwinner for NetSuite enables dynamic pricing based on live inventory and customer history

Instant access to live inventory and customer payment history in Salesforce opens up a whole new world of dynamic pricing possibilities.

Want to offer discounts to help move an overstocked product?

No problem. Sales can see exactly how much product is available and what price will solve the inventory problem without giving too much away.

Need to immediately increase the price of a product due to a recent increase in the cost of materials?

Can do. As soon as the new cost and pricing structure gets into NetSuite, your Sales team will be able to see it in Salesforce and start incorporating it into their CPQ calculations.

What about offering your best pricing and payment terms only to your best customers – without wasting discounts on less-reliable accounts?

Also not a problem. Breadwinner for NetSuite lets Sales see customer payment history and status in Salesforce. You can use that info to reward your best customers with special discounts, payment terms, or other incentives. And you can stop wasting time (and money) trying to close discounted deals with customers who are already two months behind on paying their last invoice.

Screenshot of item location inventory in Breadwinner's Salesforce NetSuite integration

3.) Breadwinner for NetSuite helps you build fast, accurate quotes your customers will love

When it comes to CPQ efficiency, nothing matters more than speed and accuracy. The faster you can prepare and send quotes, the faster you can close the deal and get paid.

And accurate quotes delight customers, build trust, and pave the way for future successful deals.
Breadwinner for NetSuite helps your team quickly build quotes in Salesforce using live data from your ERP systems, guaranteeing that everything from availability and pricing to lead time and delivery estimates are on target every time.

Screenshot of NetSuite sales order creation in Breadwinner's Salesforce NetSuite integration

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