It’s possible to refund a duplicate payment made by a customer in Stripe, but it requires knowing the secret URL!

Recently a customer accidentally paid twice, and when we asked Stripe Support how to refund the duplicate payment, they directed us to a URL that isn’t documented or linked to!

That link will show all the payments that have been made to your Stripe Billing org but haveĀ not been charged yet, for whatever reason.

International Wire Refunds from Stripe Billing

While refunding a credit card payment is easy enough, what about Wire payments? Can you refund those easily?

Clicking this button will ask the customer to provide their US Bank details. If they have none, then this attempt to refund the payment (to a non-US customer) will fail.

option to refund the source with helpful instructions from Admiral Akbar 300x132 1

From what I’ve heard from Stripe Support, you should charge this, the funds will go to your balance, and then they will eventually be paid out to you, and then you can refund the customer outside of Stripe. But check with Stripe Support as this wasn’t entirely clear to me.