There is often a disconnect between the Sales and Finance teams when it comes to visibility. To be able to drive a business forward, the functional areas of your business need to work together effectively. Connecting your CRM and accounting software provides a cohesive system and efficient communication between the teams. Below, we cover some of the business benefits of syncing your Salesforce to your Xero account.


Eliminates Silos and Encourages Collaboration

Integrating Salesforce and Xero can help your team to eliminate silos and give them the ability to work in a way that encourages collaboration, sharing information, and knowledge. For instance, the Account Managers may want to get insight into whether an invoice has been paid or not so that they can make the right decisions for that account going forward.

Without the integration, that team would have had to email finance to ask them about the status of the invoice. The integration provides that insight from an account and opportunity level; data can now be accessed without having to rely on finance updates and without having to actually access Xero.

For the finance team, access to Salesforce enables them to view any data about an account, especially if a deal has been closed; they can very quickly cross-reference the information before raising an invoice. Our Invoice Collection feature allows for users to view all due and overdue invoices more intuitively, by simply clicking on the invoice collections tab. This helps them to reduce delays and accelerate payments.

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Increased Confidence in Data

A challenge that some of our clients have faced is the accuracy of data. One example is sales and revenue forecasting. Sometimes businesses can find that there are gaps between what was forecast and the actuals.

Often this is a result of not having a cohesive system and relying on manual processes, which can lead to inaccuracies in data. For instance, manually transferring data from Salesforce into a spreadsheet can easily cause errors meaning book-to-bill accuracy can sometimes be off.

Having Salesforce and Xero integrated removes a lot of the manual tasks and allows the software to do more of the work. This enables the sales and finance teams to have the confidence to report on reliable and factual information. Such as invoices, Purchase orders, estimated Monthly Recurring Revenue, and Opportunities.


Improved Productivity through Streamlined Operations

Increased productivity means improving your bottom line, especially as a company grows. An increase in staff, operations, and processes, can lead to a company having to handle billing for multiple orgs and in different currencies.

Integration between Salesforce and Xero allows teams to easily manage these variants when generating invoices and purchase orders; a streamlined process for a scaling business can be established, ensuring that teams remain aligned.

To see how integrating Salesforce with your Xero account using Breadwinner can help your business, install your free trial from the Salesforce AppExchange.