Salesforce Stripe Subscriptions for SaaS – try saying that three times fast without getting tangled up in the words.

Can you do it?

No worries if you can’t – we’re not actually here to challenge you to a game of tech-themed tongue twisters.

We’re here to tell you about something exciting for SaaS businesses everywhere: easy Stripe subscription management with Salesforce + Breadwinner Payments.

Let’s get to it and discover how Breadwinner Payments can solve those all-too-familiar SaaS subscription challenges (you know the ones we’re talking about) and save your team a ton of time and a whole lot of hassle.

The Struggle is Real: SaaS Subscription Management Headaches

Subscriptions are a bit of a double-edged sword. As a foundation for your SaaS business model, there’s a lot to love, but there can also be a frustrating downside to dealing with them on a daily basis if you don’t have an efficient process in place.

On the plus side, subscriptions are flexible, bring in reliable recurring revenue, and make it easier to predict cash flow.

But, as anyone who’s spent much time working in RevOps can tell you, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows – especially for B2B SaaS businesses trying to scale quickly, efficiently, and sustainably.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the subscription management headaches SaaS RevOps teams deal with every day:

Handoffs & Delays

When it comes to subscriptions, closing a deal is just the beginning. Next comes the handoff from Sales to Finance so someone with access to Stripe can create the subscription and set up billing.

Then there’s the waiting – waiting for the subscription to be created and the closed deal to turn into cash received.

If everything goes right, you can go from quote to cash in less than a day. But if the Finance team is busy or the point person is out of town or the email gets lost or something else goes wrong, time-to-payment can stretch to days or weeks – a situation that’s frustrating for your team and your customers.

Manual Data Entry

No one likes manual data entry – especially when you’re copying data from one system to another. It’s slow, inefficient, repetitive, and error-prone (more on that in a sec.)

But thousands of RevOps teams still find themselves spending large amounts of time manually entering customer data and SaaS subscription details from Salesforce into Stripe.


In the same way that 2 + 2 = 4, manual handoffs + data entry always leads to errors.

No matter how careful everyone tries to be, sooner or later someone forgets to set up the free trial or enters an email address incorrectly. Or they don’t apply a discount or get some other small but important detail wrong. Or – and this one’s a Stripe classic – someone creates a product that shouldn’t exist but can never be deleted from the system.

Whatever the error, the results are the same: friction between teams, stalled installation and onboarding, annoyed customers, product management misery, and longer quote-to-cash cycles.

Follow-up Roadblocks

Follow-up is a big part of subscription management. Most of the follow-up responsibilities fall to Customer Success Teams.

And unfortunately, most Customer Success teams struggle to access the customer data and subscription details – including payment history – they need for effective post-sale follow-up.

Stripe Subscriptions in Salesforce

View all Stripe subscriptions in Salesforce

Salesforce + Stripe + Breadwinner Payments = Better SaaS Subscription Management

Do any of the headaches on our list sound familiar? If so, you’re in good company.

Even small B2B SaaS operations struggle to manage subscriptions efficiently, and the problem gets worse as your company grows.

So what gives? Are B2B SaaS RevOps teams doomed to a life of frustration?


Inspired by the experience of our own Sales, Finance, and Customer Success teams, Breadwinner has built a solution that speeds up and simplifies subscription management using Salesforce.

Here’s how it works:

Breadwinner Payments connects Stripe and Salesforce – syncing your customers’ full payment history and allowing you to see payment detail in Salesforce – and lets you create new Stripe subscriptions from Salesforce as soon as a deal closes.

Now let’s talk about how Breadwinner Payments Makes B2B SaaS Subscription Management Better:

Super-Speed Subscription Billing & Payment

Breadwinner Payments eliminates the most time-consuming parts of SaaS subscription management: no more handoffs, waiting for responses, manual data entry, data entry errors, missed emails, or miscommunications.

Instead, with just a few clicks in Salesforce, your Sales team can set up a new subscription – complete with discounts, free trial days, billing schedule, and product details – and send the data to Stripe …

… which brings us to the other thing Breadwinner helps eliminate: billing & payment delays.

One hour after you set up a new subscription in Salesforce, Stripe sends a confirmation and payment request to your customer via email.

One hour from closing a deal to requesting payment?

It’s not too good to be true – it’s super-speed subscription billing, and it’s 100% achievable with Breadwinner Payments for Stripe + Salesforce.

Seamless Subscription Management & Customer Follow-up

Remember that follow-up we said was so difficult for Customer Success teams?

Well, Breadwinner Payments helps with that, too, by making subscription data and real-time payment status available in Salesforce.

Instead of waiting to be notified by someone from Finance, your CS (and Sales) teams can see for themselves when a new customer receives an invoice or makes a payment.

They can also see if a customer has completed a free trial but chosen not to continue or if they’re nearing the end of their subscription.

And they’ll know immediately vs. weeks later about late or missing payments.

This game-changing level of data access helps your CS and Sales folks know when it’s time to send onboarding documents, when they should check in with customers to offer support or discuss renewals, and when they need to follow up about payment irregularities.

Happier Customers (And Employees)

Super-speed subscription billing and seamless management lead directly to happier employees and customers.

Everyone on your team will appreciate having a faster, more efficient subscription management process. They’ll love not wasting time on repetitive requests and data entry.

And they’ll have more time and energy to spend on growth-focused activities like selling more subscriptions and keeping customers happy.

Speaking of customers, they’ll be delighted with your new level of efficiency and the higher level of support and attention your team can give them.

Create New Subscription in Salesforce

Create a new Stripe subscription in Salesforce

P.S. No worries if SaaS isn’t your thing. Breadwinner Payments subscription management is perfect for any business or non-profit with Salesforce + Stripe and a need to collect recurring payments or donations.

Got Subscriptions? Want to Hear More About B2B SaaS Subscription Management with Breadwinner Payments?

If you need to integrate Salesforce with Stripe Billing, Breadwinner has a native, robust two-way integration that can accelerate your rev ops and sales teams by bringing Stripe data into Salesforce.