Raise your hand if you love setting up invoices!

Not a fan?

Okay, how about figuring out which customers have paid their bills and who needs a reminder … again? Or – this one’s for the Sales folks – bugging the billing department for invoice and payment details on the deal you just closed?

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We’re guessing your hand is still down – and we don’t blame you. You have to collect money to keep your business running, but there are lots of moving parts and people involved. As a result, the process is rarely smooth.

Here at Breadwinner, our team was fed up with the headache of using multiple systems to send invoices, track payments, and keep everyone informed of customer history and status. We knew other teams were experiencing the same frustrations, so we turned the problem over to our development team wizards, and voilà – Breadwinner Payments was born.

So what exactly does this magical new product do? We can’t wait to tell you – keep reading to find out all the details.

Breadwinner Payments Connects Salesforce with Popular Payment Processing Platforms Like Stripe & Square


Breadwinner Payments is an AppExchange solution that facilitates secure Salesforce integration with Stripe, Square, and other popular payment processors. 

It associates Salesforce customer data with data from your payment processor, which allows your team to see information such as payment history and subscription details in Salesforce. Breadwinner Payments enables two-way data sync, so you can also do things like set up and send invoices directly from Salesforce.

We know ‘Salesforce integration’ can sound a little daunting but don’t worry. Breadwinner Payments isn’t the kind of Salesforce integration that requires tens of thousands of dollars and weeks of custom development to install. Set up is quick and easy, and we offer subscriptions that work for everyone from small businesses to established commercial operations.

Salesforce Stripe Square Sync

Three Reasons You Should Be Excited about Breadwinner Payments


Now that you know the basics of what Breadwinner Payments does, let’s talk about why you should be excited about our newest solution.

The product team wanted to write a Harry Potter-style story about what happens when you combine the magic of Salesforce with the magic of Stripe, but we talked them out of it for now.

Instead, here are three good reasons why you should be excited about Breadwinner Payments.

1) Breadwinner Payments Makes Invoicing Easy

Digital invoicing of any kind is a massive improvement over old-fashioned paper invoices, but – let’s be honest – it’s still a pain.

First, you gather all the information for the invoice. Then you log in to Stripe or Square or whichever system your company uses to send invoices and collect payment. Next, you enter the information, set up the invoice, and send it to your customer. Once that’s done, you have to log back in (or rely on email notifications) to check payment status.

That’s a lot of steps – and a lot of opportunity for data-entry errors and missed payment notifications. One of our goals for Breadwinner Payments was to make invoicing as fast, easy, and pain-free as possible by eliminating the need to toggle between multiple systems. And we succeeded!

Breadwinner Payments syncs Salesforce with Stripe, Square, and other payment processors so you can create and send invoices without ever leaving Salesforce. There’s no need to log in to separate systems. Instead, you can populate and send error-free invoices to your customers with a couple of clicks.

It’s your billing team’s dream come true – invoicing that’s fast, accurate, easy, and secure!

2) Breadwinner Payments Helps You Get Paid Faster

Imagine a world where most of your closed/won opportunities get paid within 24 hours – and all of them get paid on time. Think about how much easier it would be to plan your cash flow, establish development and delivery timelines, work with your customers to ensure their success, and grow your business overall.

Sounds fantastic, right?

That’s precisely the world we had in mind when we created Breadwinner Payments. It’s well-established that digital invoices with easy-to-use payment links get paid faster. For example, Stripe says 70% of invoices with Stripe links are paid within 24 hours of being received by the customer.

Breadwinner Payments allows you to send invoices from Salesforce – payment link included – within seconds of closing a deal. When there’s no gap between closing a sale and sending the invoice, your opportunities get paid faster. And you get all the growth-boosting benefits of faster time-to-cash.

3) Breadwinner Payments Delivers Game-Changing Payment Data Visibility

Breadwinner Payments does more than make it easy to send invoices and get paid faster. It also makes critical payment data visible in Salesforce.

Why is that a big deal?

If you’ve invested in Salesforce, you understand the value of having a trusted source of truth for all customer information. Unfortunately, most Salesforce solutions don’t include customer financial data integration.

That’s too bad because everyone from Customer Success and Sales to Finance and Billing benefits from knowing who has (or hasn’t) paid you, when they paid, how they paid, and the amount they paid.

Breadwinner Payments closes the customer financial data gap – and helps your teams operate more efficiently, strategically, and successfully – by making customer payment history and status easy to track and view from within Salesforce.

One more thing – you don’t have to sacrifice security for greater data visibility. Breadwinner Payments is SOC 2 compliant and comes with customizable permission settings that let you configure data access to meet your organization’s needs. Since your Sales & Customer Success teams can see the payment info they need in Salesforce, there’s no need to give them direct access to your Stripe or Square account, allowing you to follow the principle of least privilege and decrease your security risk without hindering your team.

Want to Know More About Breadwinner Payments?

Breadwinner Payments can do something few other integrations can – bring in all of your data from Square, Stripe, and Braintree into Salesforce.

With that rich data properly replicated into Salesforce, your entire team can view live transaction data without needing direct access to your merchant. This can save time, reduce compliance issues, and accelerate the team’s operations.