Wireless Communications Australia Success Story


Wireless Communications committed to Salesforce and chose to use the Matrix Velocity SF app to manage their Inventory and Order Fulfillment. Wireless Communications’ Finance Officer Hany Zaki explained that Matrix was chosen because it “integrates perfectly with Salesforce which enables us to work only in one system”.

However, they still had a problem when it came to organizing accounts. The lack of integration between Salesforce and Xero meant that Sales reps were not able to see live information about Invoices. The additional steps and human intervention in creating and sending invoices to customers also delayed time to cash, and slowed the order process.

As Salesforce, Matrix Velocity, and Xero are all in the cloud, management wanted to find a cloud-based solution that would integrate everything together.



Wireless Communications wanted a simple and time-effective way to link Xero to Salesforce so that their sales representatives could see the financial status for each of their customers.

Breadwinner provided that straightforward integration.

Hany explained “After some research, we choose to use Breadwinner to link Xero and Salesforce. The installation of Breadwinner went very smoothly and is helping us to achieve that and we have no problem pushing invoices.”


Business Outcomes

– Breadwinner allows the sales representative to see live information in Salesforce from within Xero
– Staff time and therefore money is saved on not having to input data twice or switch between systems
-The sales team are able to get invoices out faster and speed up time-to-payment


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