Breadwinner for NetSuite API

In developing the underlying architecture to deliver our Breadwinner for NetSuite product, we built a modern and powerful REST-based integration to NetSuite. As a core part of this development, we constructed a middleware stack connecting NetSuite’s WSDL interface via REST, translating the XML output to JSON. Should you require direct access to this middleware stack, we offer the ability to connect to NetSuite directly through our fully documented REST API for faster development, less maintenance, and a solution pre-tuned for speed and reliability.

Robust and Reliable API

Our middleware stack is already used to power Breadwinner’s connection between Salesforce and NetSuite.


Achieve more with a modern REST interface, compared to a cumbersome and inefficient WSDL interface.

Powered by Amazon AWS

Our customers have the option to use AWS multi-tenant architecture or to host on in their own preferred AWS Region, Zone, or Account.

Work in your preferred language

Documentation is available for curl, jQuery, Ruby, Python, Node, PHP, and Go. Connect to NetSuite from your preferred platform in your preferred language, without needing to use NetSuite’s WSDL specification. Visit our documentation at

Built-in Security and Logging

Our API service includes retained logs and 365 days of security audit files.

Breadwinner for NetSuite API Pricing

*prices in USD

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