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The complete NetSuite and Salesforce integration solution

Breadwinner provides businesses with a solution that fully delivers on the complexities of a Salesforce and NetSuite integration. And we do this in under a day.

An intuitive, instant, and robust solution

What makes our solution stand out from the rest is simple–deliver a comprehensive tool that won’t cost you time.

True Two-way

Breadwinner’s Salesforce Security approved solution transfers highly enriched data from Salesforce to NetSuite and back into Salesforce immediately.

Rapid Install

Built natively on the Salesforce platform, meaning you can create and view NetSuite records in Salesforce within an hour after installation.


Our configuration wizard is intuitively mapped with NetSuite objects and fields in Salesforce. Our clients see Breadwinner as a complete product, not a project.

Elevate your business with the Salesforce and finance integration experts

We put our expertise, laser focus, and resources into developing the best solution that syncs NetSuite with Salesforce.

NetSuite Salesforce Subsidiary Data Configuration

Increase efficiency so you can scale your business

Accelerate time-to-value with our purpose-built powerful integration, and should you need further customization, our experts will work closely with you to achieve your goals.

Managing multiple NetSuite subsidiaries isn’t an all-or-none situation. Sync with Salesforce on a per-subsidiary basis and control what objects are part of the integration.

Breadwinner works in conjunction with existing integration tools in Read-Only or Read-Write mode; providing all the rich data alongside those you may already have in place.

Access reliable NetSuite data and speed up time-to-payment

Generate NetSuite Estimates, Sales Orders, or Invoices from an Account, Opportunity, Order, or any custom object in Salesforce using our guided Record Creation Wizard.

Newly created NetSuite records are created without delay in ERP with immediate integration back into Salesforce, giving you quick feedback on success and real-time data delivery.

Allow your sales and support teams to track the status of NetSuite invoices in Salesforce, including those that are overdue and due, allowing for faster payment collection.

NetSuite Salesforce Create Sales Order
NetSuite Salesforce Account Match

Connect your systems to align your teams

Allow your teams to conveniently access sales and finance data from one place and from various devices, reducing organizational silos and providing accurate live data.

Easily sync Salesforce accounts with NetSuite companies and create new NetSuite Customers in Salesforce, which will be updated instantaneously between the two systems.

Breadwinner’s Global API allows you to create and edit NetSuite Customer records, allowing for more flexibility in transferring data between teams and departments.

More than just raw data, Breadwinner integrates the experience

Breadwinner’s Guided Invoice Creation Wizard simplifies your lead-to-cash process by creating a NetSuite Invoice from an Opportunity in just a few clicks.

Why business leaders choose Breadwinner


We evaluated Breadwinner’s NetSuite integration app on behalf of one of our customers. The application is super simple to set up and configure. The support from the Breadwinner team has been awesome too! I’d highly recommend that anyone looking to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite evaluate Breadwinner first vs other off-platform solutions..”

Jonathan Brewer
Founder & CEO, Bequeathed


“After installing, I was happily surprised to find the way data is stored with their product entirely local to Salesforce. It made reporting easy and even better opened the door to Salesforce developers to build out features making use of the combined data. Bottom line, no more VLookups.”

Rachel Linder
Sr. Salesforce Admin, Illuminate Education

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“We utilized Breadwinner for NetSuite on one of our recent implementations of Salesforce. The data model in NetSuite is complex and not hugely compatible with Salesforce’s architecture. The Breadwinner app makes the process of integrating with NetSuite simple and pain-free! Seriously impressed with what they have achieved with this app!”

Adam Balme
Founder, Cloudtopia

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