Breadwinner for NetSuite

The Salesforce and NetSuite Integration Software to trust

A powerful solution that connects Salesforce to NetSuite allowing businesses to streamline their processes and work in real-time using innovative technology.

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An intuitive and intelligent solution


Bring NetSuite data into Salesforce for relevant reporting requirements. Generate dashboards in Salesforce on your NetSuite Accounts Receivables and bolster data with automation.


Give staff the flexibility to view Accounting information by using the Read-Write and Read-Only permission sets. Provide access to select valuable information without login limits.


Get started with a full-featured integration that is readily accessible and a straightforward installation. Processes such as invoice creation is simple using our guided invoice creation wizard.

Streamline procedures with a full-featured integration 

Access vital NetSuite finance data from within Salesforce.


Remove any communication barriers between departments and allow your sales and support teams to access the client’s current financial status in Salesforce. This includes any paid, due or overdue invoices, reducing their need to call finance to access time sensitive information. 

Essential and valuable client information made accessible

Unlock NetSuite data from within Salesforce.


Improve accuracy and save time by allowing your team to edit client details when necessary while providing them access to NetSuite Customers and Vendors contact information. Breadwinner also allows for one single Salesforce account to be associated with multiple NetSuite Customers.

Improve cash flow efficiency and team productivity

Live two-way syncing between NetSuite and Salesforce speeds up the sales cycle

and boosts communication between your finance and sales teams.


Allow your team to oversee invoice status including those that have been paid, are due or are overdue.  This enables your billing process to perform faster and more efficiently. With Breadwinner, invoices are sent to the customer sooner and less information is unnecessarily bounced around the departments, resulting to fewer delays and accelerated payment times.



With Breadwinner for NetSuite, creating an invoice couldn’t be easier using our guided invoice creation wizard.



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