We don’t know about you, but we love a good friendly debate. 

Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Marvel vs. DC,  NSync vs. Backstreet Boys, cats vs. dogs, Lebron vs. MJ, Disney vs. Pixar  – most people have (sometimes surprisingly strong) opinions on at least one of these topics, but sometimes it’s hard to choose a side.

Why can’t you have an equal appreciation for Iron Man and Wonder Woman?

Salesforce and NetSuite integration - Breadwinner

We hear you – sometimes the best answer is “both.” And that’s not just true for entertainment or sports or pop culture debates. It’s also true in technology debates, such as the one currently taking place in many growing businesses: NetSuite vs. Salesforce. 

Finance teams love NetSuite, while Sales teams prefer Salesforce. Opinions are strong on both sides, and it’s a struggle to choose which software to adopt – and which team to disappoint. 

So which platform should you choose?

We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to choose. You can have your NetSuite and Salesforce, too. 

But we don’t expect to convince you of the strength of a single statement.

In this article, we’ll explain why Finance teams love NetSuite and why Sales teams prefer Salesforce. We’ll also look at how Breadwinner for NetSuite reshapes the NetSuite vs. Salesforce debate and eliminates the need to choose one platform over the other.

By the end, we hope you’ll see where we’re coming from and want to learn more about how you can keep Sales and Finance happy with the help from Breadwinner.

NetSuite vs. Salesforce Round 1: Why Finance is Team NetSuite


Alright, let’s get started with the case for NetSuite. NetSuite is a powerful and popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platform beloved by Finance teams around the world.

With NetSuite, you can manage critical operations such as order processing, inventory management, production planning, supply chain logistics, and accounting all in one place. You can also use NetSuite to automate core processes.

NetSuite’s data visibility is truly excellent. It’s easy to monitor key financial and operational metrics, enforce controls, and maintain an accurate, auditable financial record.

It’s easy to see why, given a choice between NetSuite and Salesforce, Finance will always go for NetSuite. And there’s a little something for the other departments, too – NetSuite offers a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed to help sales, marketing, and customer support teams boost efficiency, streamline sales, and improve customer experiences.

Summary: NetSuite is a world-class ERP solution guaranteed to delight your Finance teams and streamline your financial operations. You can also use NetSuite for CRM and other business functions, thereby avoiding the need to manage multiple platforms.

NetSuite vs. Salesforce Round 2: Why Sales Will Always Push for Salesforce

On to the case for Salesforce!  Salesforce is a favorite of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams across industries – and for good reason. It’s the best CRM platform there is.

Salesforce is built to adapt to changing market conditions and business demands. It’s flexible, scalable, and highly customizable. The Salesforce platform helps your team manage leads, track opportunities, and manage customer relationships. It gives your team access to the data required to understand customer behavior, track sales performance, forecast revenue, improve processes, and make decisions that lead to increased sales and happier customers.

Like NetSuite, Salesforce is a platform rather than a single product. You can purchase apps that allow you to use Salesforce to manage many of your financial and operational processes, including accounting, inventory management, and order processing.

Summary: Salesforce is a best-in-class CRM platform. It’s a dream come true for Sales, Marketing & Customer Success teams. The platform is extremely flexible and can be used as an ERP solution and a CRM hub, giving you a true all-in-one business solution.

NetSuite vs. Salesforce Round 3: The Case for Both – And How to Make it Happen With Breadwinner for NetSuite

So far, we’ve established that NetSuite and Salesforce are both powerful and versatile technology platforms. NetSuite stands out for its ERP capabilities, but it can be used for CRM, too. And CRM-leader Salesforce also offers ERP solutions.

Seems like a toss-up, right?

Not so fast. 

NetSuite is a fantastic ERP tool, but it’s a terrible platform for running a Sales organization. Yes, NetSuite offers a CRM solution – but it doesn’t work very well. 

There’s not much room for customization, the CRM automation is difficult, and the reporting features don’t meet the needs of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams. It’s also not easy to adjust things in response to changing market demands.

Your Finance team will be thrilled with NetSuite’s ERP solution and audit-friendly processes. As for the rest of your RevOps team, well … not so much.

The story is similar for Salesforce. Salesforce offers ERP solutions, but they’re no match for NetSuite. Any decision in favor of Salesforce over NetSuite will earn you high praise from Sales and disappointed sighs from Finance.

So what’s the solution to this dilemma? 

It’s simple – you don’t have to choose between NetSuite and Salesforce at all. Instead, you can adopt NetSuite as your ERP and accounting solution and Salesforce as your CRM platform.  You can give Sales and Finance the tools they need to get the best possible results for your business.

And, before you ask, you can do this without resorting to swivel-seating or committing to a time, money, and resource-intensive integration project.


Breadwinner for NetSuite. 

Breadwinner for NetSuite is a fast, easy, secure, and cost-effective way to integrate NetSuite and Salesforce. It lets you take full advantage of the unique strengths of both platforms while increasing overall RevOps efficiency with secure data flow between the two systems.

With Breadwinner, Sales teams can easily push Opportunities in Salesforce to Sales Orders in NetSuite – no manual data entry required. And Finance teams don’t have to field constant requests for updates on orders, invoices, and payments because the information is securely visible in Salesforce.

It’s a win for everyone. When you use Breadwinner to combine the power of NetSuite and Salesforce, your entire RevOps team gets better tools and access to critical data, resulting in shorter sales cycles, faster time-to-value, and smarter decisions about sales, service, and financial operations.

There’s more good news: Breadwinner for NetSuite is a product, not a project. Everything you need to integrate NetSuite and Salesforce is already built in – all you have to do is install the product and work through the included configuration workflows. The whole process takes less than a day.

Summary: Thanks to Breadwinner for Netsuite, there’s no reason to choose between Salesforce and NetSuite. You can get the best of both without straining your resources or stretching your budget.


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