ATP save 50% of their time using Breadwinner to migrate from NetSuite to Salesforce CRM

ATP is the source for aircraft technical publications and real-time regulatory information. They are the leading provider of maintenance, operations, inventory, repetitive defect analysis, and troubleshooting software.

ATP was previously using NetSuite as both their CRM and their finance software but they soon realized that this approach to managing their contacts and finances was not practical for their workforce. They needed to change their processes and invest in a CRM that would be useful for sales while also providing the team with visibility into critical information. ATP was faced with what could potentially be a daunting task: migrating their data from NetSuite over to Salesforce and integrating the two platforms.


Breadwinner did a lot of the heavy lifting when it came to migrating.

Juan Hernandez, Sr. Manager Global CRM

Consistency is the key

The migration from NetSuite CRM to Salesforce was originally scheduled for 12 months. However, using Breadwinner’s easy-to-install integration, ATP reduced this time by 50%, completing the migration within just 6 months. With Breadwinner, ATP was able to make adjustments and implement custom features to suit the needs and requirements of the business. Features such as Breadwinner’s open API allowed ATP to transfer records from Salesforce to NetSuite, download invoices, and more.

With Breadwinner’s integration solution being native to Salesforce and with data being brought over consistently from Salesforce to NetSuite, Juan Hernandez, Senior Manager Global CRM at ATP, was eager to give Breadwinner a good go.

Integrating Salesforce and NetSuite using Breadwinner enabled ATP to create custom fields on the fly, create estimates, and configure without having to leave Salesforce; reducing the time of install and configuration. “It was crucial to be able to customize as when you migrate staff from one platform to another, you want to ensure consistency and familiarity,” said Juan.

Since adopting Breadwinner, the sales team has been able to make the most use out of the integration, as they frequently transfer orders, create estimates, and update records.


With a lot of the integration solutions available, you cannot do much customization, however, Breadwinner allows for this.

Juan Hernandez, Sr. Manager Global CRM

Business Outcomes: 

  • Sales now have visibility into critical information from within Salesforce
  • Data can be accessed in real-time
  • Staff are able to maintain data consistency throughout the migration

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Time saved migrating NetSuite data to Salesforce