Popular Restaurant Online Ordering Company ChowNow Uses Breadwinner to Sync Salesforce with NetSuite

ChowNow Cuts SLA Processing Time by 80% with Breadwinner

ChowNow is a commission-free online ordering system and food ordering app helping restaurants feed their hungry customers.


“Breadwinner for NetSuite was the perfect solution to a problem we faced during one of our busiest seasons when our teams were navigating the growth of 2020-21. Breadwinner created efficiencies spanning our client-facing teams and billing/finance teams. It cut back the time we were waiting to get internal support from our billing department to then relay to our clients, cutting down our SLA processing during a very busy time by 80%.”

Perlita Ortega, Sr. Director Client Experience, ChowNow

ChowNow Helps Restaurants Survive

It’s never been easy to have long-term success in the restaurant industry, but over the past few years of the pandemic, it’s been more challenging than ever for restaurants to keep their doors open. ChowNow has a mission to help local restaurants survive. The online ordering company was founded in 2011 and has helped more than 20,000 restaurants grow beyond their brick-and-mortar by offerings.

Since 2020, food delivery has been one of the fastest-growing restaurant industry trends and ChowNow has seen a massive surge in growth.

“We have a direct white label product that provides a custom branded app, custom online ordering, and a commission-free fair-for-all marketplace built for local restaurants,” says Perlita Ortega, senior director of client experience. Ortega oversees the post-sale client-facing teams, which include onboarding, restaurant success, and customer support.

ChowNow’s SaaS offerings have become a popular choice for restaurant owners who want to manage and customize their online ordering and delivery processes to avoid the high fees – often up to 30% per order – associated with online delivery apps. ChowNow structures its service agreement as a paid monthly subscription instead of taking a percentage of each order.

The ChowNow team works closely with clients post-sale through account setup and post-launch. “Our customer success team focuses on client health, account optimization, and retention, while our customer support team is omnichannel (chat, text, phone, email) supporting both our restaurant partners and diners 24/7,” adds Ortega.


Ease of install and simplicity of it served the exact purpose that we needed it to do.

Perlita Ortega, Sr. Director Client Experience

ChowNow & Breadwinner for NetSuite – An Appetizing Partnership!

ChowNow started using Salesforce in 2014 and added NetSuite to their tech stack in 2020, which came with some immediate pain points. They quickly noticed that the lack of visibility between the two systems was slowing things down. Finance teams didn’t have access to Salesforce and client-facing teams didn’t have access to NetSuite.

They started the search for a Salesforce and NetSuite integration solution right away. Ortega learned about Breadwinner from an employee who had used it at a previous company. “Breadwinner was the perfect solution to a problem that was creating a number of issues for our support and account management teams,” says Ortega.

Why was Breadwinner such an easy decision for ChowNow? “Ease of install and the simplicity of it served the exact purpose that we needed it to do,” says Ortega. “We were given very little confidence that any other solution would be as easy as Breadwinner.”

After implementing Breadwinner, Ortega says, “Client-facing teams had visibility into client invoices and could assist clients without needing to loop in the finance team, which was overburdened at the time. Both teams were dealing with the growth of the business/client base from 2020 through 2021 and we were able to cut down the back-and-forth between the two teams.”

What’s Next for the ChowNow and Breadwinner partnership?

It’s been about a year since ChowNow launched Breadwinner for NetSuite and Ortega says that they’re looking forward to leveraging additional functionality in the future. “Our Breadwinner rep has been great during our renewal process and is actively meeting with our billing teams to explore new ways in which we can reap the benefits of Breadwinner even further.”

For more information about ChowNow, visit chownow.com.

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Reduction in SLA processing time