Duetto Speeds Up Sales & Customer Success Operations with Breadwinner for NetSuite

Breadwinner Gives Duetto’s Sales & Customer Success Teams Instant Visibility into Customer Payment Status & Account Health

Duetto’s innovative revenue management software helps hotels, resorts, and casinos increase profitability with real-time insights on pricing, forecasting, and demand.


“Breadwinner for NetSuite was an easy decision for us. The value was clear, and the installation was easy, so we went for it. And we’re really glad we did! We’re getting a lot of value from being able to create customer roll-ups in Salesforce – and Accounting is so happy they don’t have to manually export and send payment status from NetSuite anymore.”

Christin Miller, Salesforce Administrator, Duetto

Duetto Helps Hotels & Casinos Harness the Power of Real-Time Demand Forecasting

In the hospitality business, full rooms = higher profits.

Sounds simple, right?

Not so fast – the concept may be simple, but any hotel, resort, or casino manager will tell you that maintaining high occupancy at profitable rates is much harder than it sounds.

That’s where Duetto comes in. Duetto is a revenue management software created by hoteliers for hoteliers to help hotels, resorts, and casinos use real-time insights to increase revenue and drive consistently higher profits.

Duetto delivers these results by enabling hotels and casinos to create accurate demand forecasts, make intelligent pricing decisions, and adjust quickly to changes in the market.

Breadwinner for NetSuite Checks All the Boxes for Duetto


“We wanted our Sales and Customer Success teams to have instant access to customer payment status in Salesforce, but we didn’t want to take on a huge development project. Breadwinner’s plug-and-play installation & Salesforce-NetSuite integration was exactly what we were looking for.”

Christin Miller, Salesforce Administrator, Duetto

The Duetto team knew what they wanted from a NetSuite-Salesforce integration: instant visibility into customer account status and payment history.

Duetto Salesforce Admin Christin Miller also knew what the company didn’t want from the new integration solution: a lengthy, complicated installation or development process.

With those goals in mind, she began searching for a Salesforce-NetSuite integration solution. Upon hearing about Breadwinner for NetSuite, Miller was immediately intrigued by the solution’s data sync features and plug-and-play installation.

Breadwinner’s combination of robust features, easy installation, and low maintenance is unique in the Salesforce-NetSuite integration market, and it didn’t take Miller long at all to decide she had found a winner.

“I just walked into my boss’s office and said, ‘This is exactly what we need,’ and we moved forward from there,” Miller says.

Fast forward to today, and Duetto has been a happy Breadwinner for NetSuite customer for almost two years. The installation was just as smooth and easy as Miller hoped, and team members across multiple departments are reaping the benefits of Salesforce and NetSuite integration.

Data Visibility Drives Smarter Sales Operations & More Effective Customer Interactions for Duetto Team


“I’ve been thrilled with how easy it was to install Breadwinner – and how well the integration works. It’s really been ‘set it and forget it.’ We set it up, and now it does its thing. Sales and Customer Success love being able to create customer roll-ups where they can see invoice status and payment history without having to ask Accounting for the info. And I love not having to worry about whether the Salesforce-NetSuite integration is working!”

Christin Miller, Salesforce Administrator, Duetto

Duetto’s main goal for integrating Salesforce and NetSuite was to give Sales and Customer Success team members easy access to customer account status and payment history.

Before integration, Sales and Customer Success worked in Salesforce, while Finance and Accounting worked primarily in NetSuite.

This arrangement worked just fine – except when Sales or Customer Success team members needed to know vital information like whether customers were in good standing or how long it had been since they last paid an invoice. That data was stored in NetSuite, so the only way to get it was to ask Accounting to export and send the required information manually.

As you can imagine, this created extra work for Accounting – and inefficiency for Sales and Customer Success.

Thanks to Breadwinner for NetSuite, situations like that are a thing of the past. Sales and Customer Success now have instant access to live customer account details – including payment status – in Salesforce. Team members can see details like which customers have overdue invoices and how long it’s been since a payment was made without contacting Accounting.

Duetto’s Sales and Customer Success reps are putting their newly accessible customer data to good use by using it to guide discussions with customers, target sales efforts, and get a more complete picture of a customer’s overall account health.

As a result, both teams are operating more efficiently and reporting more productive customer interactions. And Duetto’s accountants no longer have to act as data middlemen between Salesforce and NetSuite.

It’s safe to say that Breadwinner for NetSuite has been an all-around success for Duetto, and they’re not done yet. Salesforce Admin Christin Miller says the team plans to get even more value from the Salesforce-NetSuite connection by making late payment notifications immediately visible to customers when they log into the Duetto app.

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