Seamless Transition to Breadwinner Enables OSM Solutions to Customize and Configure in Just One Day

OSM Solutions develop signs and dynamic menu boards for the hospitality industry. They provide a full service including system design, hardware, graphic design, animation, and content management. Since 2008, OSM Solutions have helped numerous companies including Starbucks, Modern Market, and Panda Express keep their signs innovative and current.

Before using Breadwinner, OSM Solutions employed an alternative integration software. This system was used to sync Salesforce contacts, products, and Salesforce CPQ quotes as invoices into QuickBooks Online. An additional step was then needed, using a custom Invoice SFDC object, to sync the invoices back into Salesforce. This method worked but wasn’t without flaws. It took up to 4 weeks to initially set up and then required further months to get the custom fields working correctly.

The team at OSM often faced issues with inaccurate data due to the previous software’s syncing feature not working properly. In order to ensure that the invoice status shown in QuickBooks (sent, paid, voided) was accurately represented, the information would often have to be manually input into Salesforce. Staff time was spent on double data entry, which should have been unnecessary with their integration.

When their previous software was discontinued, OSM Solutions decided to look for something else that would better suit their needs; they chose to use Breadwinner Professional to integrate their Salesforce with QuickBooks Online.


The switch to Breadwinner has been a major improvement over the old workflow. Breadwinner is a true integration, not just a syncing tool.

Marc Rosenberg, Founder of OSM Solutions

Reap The Benefits of Real-Time Data

The transition to Breadwinner was completed with a simple and quick setup. Working alongside the Breadwinner team, OSMs systems were fully integrated within a day. This was a relief for a company that had previously spent months trying to perfect its integration.

Since migrating to Breadwinner, OSM’s workflow has significantly improved. Invoices can now be generated directly from within Salesforce, even from an opportunity level. This saves them a few hours each month, as they no longer need to leave SFDC in order to create invoices.

The Breadwinner Salesforce Invoice object has provided OSM with deeper insight into valuable data. Now, the team has the ability to view the status of an invoice in real-time and don’t have to rely on outdated information, or spend valuable hours updating invoice statuses manually. Their focus can now be dedicated to driving the company forward, and more informed business decisions can now be made based on accurate data.

Business Outcomes: 

  • Workflows have significantly improved, saving valuable staff time each month
  • Data is now represented in real-time
  • Accurate and more complex reports can be created and viewed by both the finance and the sales teams

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27 Days

Average days saved in installing integration software compared to alternative