Growing HR-Tech Leader Phenom Uses Breadwinner for NetSuite to Get More Value from Salesforce and NetSuite

Phenom speeds up orders and streamlines financial reporting with Breadwinner.

Phenom is on a mission to help 1 billion people find the right job with the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience Platform.


“NetSuite and Salesforce are our two most important financial systems. When we used Breadwinner to connect them, we started seeing more value from both solutions. We’ve been able to give more people access to data, speed up our ordering and reporting processes, and cut way down on manual data entry.”

Leah Speziale, Accounts Receivable Manager, Phenom

Phenom Powers Better Talent Experiences

Hiring great employees is a major challenge for business leaders everywhere. And that’s just the first step – once they’re hired, it takes a lot of time and energy to successfully develop new recruits and convince them to stick around for the long haul.

Phenom uses data and AI to make the entire talent experience – from recruitment to retention – faster, easier, and all-around better for everyone involved.

HR teams use the Phenom Intelligent Talent Experience Platform to automate administrative tasks, create targeted job descriptions, and connect with job-seekers who match their ideal candidate profile.

These features have made Phenom popular with companies looking to speed up and transform recruitment and HR processes. Customers report more high-quality candidates, fewer bottlenecks, and faster success in finding the right person for the right job. Phenom’s intelligent career-pathing and talent management solutions also earn rave reviews from happy HR managers.


“I was tired of spending days every month manually reconciling financial data from different systems. I knew there had to be a better way and I found it with Breadwinner for NetSuite.”

Quinn Satterly, Senior Financial Analyst, Phenom

Phenom Finds the Missing Link with Breadwinner for NetSuite

Phenom’s tech stack includes both Salesforce and NetSuite. For years, the two systems existed side-by-side in separate siloes with no way to share data between them.

Finance team members initiated orders by manually entering sales data from Salesforce into NetSuite, resulting in errors and significant lag time between finalizing sales and processing orders. Meanwhile, account managers had little to no visibility into order or invoice status.

The situation was even worse for financial analysts doing monthly reporting and reconciliation. There were three systems with revenue detail – NetSuite, Salesforce, and an Excel spreadsheet – but none of them shared data. To reconcile all the numbers, analysts had to manually export the data from all three sources and use lookup tables to compare figures.

According to the Phenom team, it was a nightmare. They knew there had to be a better way. When a Google search led financial analyst Quinn Satterly to Breadwinner for NetSuite, he knew right away he had found something exciting.

He was right – Breadwinner for NetSuite was the missing link between Salesforce and NetSuite. And it was exactly what Phenom needed to resolve the team’s biggest financial reporting pain points.

NetSuite & Salesforce Integration Yields Phenomenal Results

“I would absolutely recommend Breadwinner for NetSuite. It was easy to get up and running and has worked great from day one. We’ve gotten great support from the Breadwinner team, and we’re really happy with the results for our business.” Quinn Satterly, Senior Financial Analyst, Phenom

Phenom’s partnership with Breadwinner got off to a smooth start thanks to Breadwinner for NetSuite’s signature fast and easy implementation process. “The implementation was great, “ said Accounts Receivable Manager Leah Speziale. “It was one of our best experiences getting started with new software. We got the data mapped pretty quickly and the integration started working immediately.”

Now, nearly two years later, everyone at Phenom agrees that Breadwinner for NetSuite is helping the company get more value from both NetSuite and Salesforce.

Speziale and her team use Breadwinner for NetSuite every day. The ability to integrate Salesforce and NetSuite and share data between the two systems has made a big difference in their day-to-day work. Automatic data sync means there’s no need to enter sales and order data from Salesforce into NetSuite manually. 

As a result, the order processing time is significantly shorter, and the team is noticeably more productive. 

Breadwinner for NetSuite has also become integral to the monthly financial reporting and reconciliation process. No more manual data exports and tedious lookup tables. Phenom’s financial analysts now reconcile Salesforce and NetSuite revenue numbers in Salesforce, saving hours of time and a lot of frustration.

It’s safe to say Phenom is extremely happy with Breadwinner for NetSuite and looking for ways to increase adoption and add value for more teams. Next on the list – getting Sales teams to take full advantage of the increased data access enabled by Breadwinner for NetSuite. 

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Business Outcomes:

  • Order processing time is significantly shorter
  • Financial Analysts can reconcile Salesforce and NetSuite revenue numbers in Salesforce without manual data exports
  • Automatic data sync means no need to enter sales and order data manually