PlaySpace Designs cut data entry time by 92% with Breadwinner

PlaySpace Designs consults with communities to create memorable play spaces that engage individuals of all ages. Working across multiple states, they supply unique, relevant recreational products for schoolyards, parks, and recreation centers, from complete adventure playgrounds to park benches.

PlaySpace were looking to advance their business operations and create a fully integrated system that would allow them to manage contacts, as well as submit quotes and purchase orders for vendors, and invoice customers. 

Repetitive data entry was one of the main challenges. PlaySpace had been manually entering all their information into their CRM and then spending up to 8 hours a week inputting it again into QuickBooks. They needed a system that would save staff time and minimize human error.


The issue with doing manual data entry is that not only are you doing it by hand, but you also have to double-check it and triple-check it.

Morgan Selph, President

Hybrid is the Way to Go

PlaySpace worked with advisors Eide Bailly to determine the best option for their business. One suggestion was to use a single platform for their CRM and accounting system. However, this would have meant training the team on a new interface and migrating all data from QuickBooks, which would have taken time and money. 

PlaySpace wanted something that would be simple and easy for their team to implement. They settled upon a hybrid system, using Breadwinner to connect QuickBooks and Salesforce. Everything can now be viewed on one dashboard – Salesforce- and is easy for the team to adopt. 

By using Breadwinner to integrate QuickBooks and Salesforce, Playspace saved an impressive 39% on their annual subscription compared to using other options.


Breadwinner became a key player, acting as the bridge between the two pieces of software that allowed us to quickly and simply move information that was already being developed in Salesforce and [put] it right into QuickBooks; without the extra cost and hassle.

Morgan Selph, President

PlaySpace sells to numerous areas which generate multiple tax codes–with 200+ possibilities. To simplify the process, Breadwinner custom-built a feature that allows PlaySpace to pre-populate the tax code when the invoice is created within Salesforce. Breadwinner’s feature works alongside a bespoke system developed by Eide Bailly which ensures that the tax rate shown in Salesforce matches that shown in QuickBooks. Breadwinner’s custom adaptation removes the need to select from a picklist of 200+ tax codes for each invoice, saving valuable staff time.  


The built-in dashboard we now have in Salesforce, allows the sales team to peak into QuickBooks, without actually being in QuickBooks.

Morgan Selph, President

Business Outcomes: 

  • Reduction in time taken to enter data from 6-8 hours a week to just 30 minutes a week
  • A saving of 39% on subscription spend by opting for a hybrid system – QuickBooks, Salesforce, and Breadwinner
  • A cohesive system that enables them to manage their contacts, submit quotes, send PO’s to vendors, and create invoices
  • More confidence in data accuracy

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Average reduction of manual data entry time spent each week



Saved in software spend compared to integration alternatives