Rapid3D Success Story


Rapid 3D has been using Xero for a number of years – it is so integral to our business that integration with Xero is a must for any new business products. Our decision to implement Salesforce in 2016 was influenced by availability of a tool to integrate Xero information.


While Salesforce did a great job showing us what business we had closed, and allowed us to break it down by sales staff, cash is still king. We needed to know what Invoices had been paid. Turning to Xero for this information was a time consuming process that had to be done by management, as we didn’t want to open up Xero for all staff.


We tried a number of solutions, evaluating and testing each one. In the end we selected Breadwinner. It was the best tool that showed live invoice and payment information in Salesforce.

This was important because Rapid 3D’s policy is not to pay sales commissions until the customer has settled their account – having this information in Salesforce allows the sales team to keep a handle on their customer account payments.

Implementing Breadwinner has been the simplest part of our Salesforce implementation, and the clean dashboard view is quite self explanatory. There has been no requirement for additional user training.”

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About Rapid3D
Rapid 3D was founded by a family of engineers with a strong focus on technical solutions that make good business sense. 2014 saw the creation of Rapid 3D JV (PTY) Ltd a subsidiary of Kemtek Imaging Systems. We are now backed and supported by Kemtek’s nationwide logistics and support infrastructure.