The LPI Launches Revamped L&D Membership Platform in Three Months with Breadwinner’s Stripe and Salesforce Integration

Breadwinner Payments helps The LPI accelerate its sales cycle, save time through automation, and scale efficiently.

Established in 1995, The LPI (Learning and Performance Institute) is the leading global authority on workplace Learning & Development.

The LPI Champions Workplace Learning

For many businesses, upskilling and investing in their employees establishes a community rooted in knowledge, where involvement, inspiration, and motivation propel positive achievements with individuals in the workplace. L&D is crucial for business growth and organizations are discovering that corporate training and upskilling their employees are necessary to drive productivity and growth.

According to a LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report, 94% of employees would stay longer with a company that invested in their career development. Companies that invest in their employees’ personal development help them retain top talent, improve productivity in the workplace, and increase their bottom line.

As leaders in the L&D industry, The LPI has consistently advocated for and supported organizations dedicated to facilitating workplace learning. Through substantial worldwide events, encompassing both technological and cultural shifts, the LPI has always committed to staying focused, adaptable, and innovative.

The LPI Looks to Restructure its Payment Processing System with its CRM Using Breadwinner Payments

As a company that provides flexibility and innovation, The LPI team wanted to revamp and restructure its membership program process that reflect the company mission. This product relaunch meant it had to implement a highly streamlined and efficient process on the back end before going live with its newly enhanced product and promoting it to the masses.

To support its subscription model and scale efficiently, it was critical for The LPI team to implement a system where their growth-critical software – Salesforce CRM and Stripe payment processor – was not working in silos. Without an automation between those two systems, they knew it would slow down their quote-to-cash process, cause time-wasting manual work prone to human error and friction between teams, and ultimately lead to unhappy customers.

They needed a solution that would seamlessly integrate their Salesforce with Stripe to complete its product relaunch requirements. This integration would allow them to create new Stripe subscriptions in Salesforce once a deal closes, speeding up their sales cycle. They also wanted to create a positive customer-centric experience for their members by getting them up and running in little time.

Purpose-built Salesforce + Stripe Integration Leads the Charge


“With its tight integration to Stripe, Breadwinner Payments lets us manage membership subscriptions right inside Salesforce – making our membership base scalable and our subscription process much more efficient.”

Matt McDonald, Business Support Manager, The LPI

The LPI team worked with Breadwinner Payments to help relaunch their membership product offering. Breadwinner Payments’ turn-key, flexible, and Salesforce native solution with Stripe meant that The LPI was able to implement the integration quickly and leverage its Stripe Billing, Stripe Payments, and Stripe Invoicing products with its Salesforce data.

For The LPI team, Breadwinner’s purpose-built solution allowed them to optimize their Stripe data and build a complete, scalable, and adaptable payment system capable of seamlessly incorporating their subscription model into their CRM. This automated flow provided the following huge benefits to the team and their customers:


  • Sales teams help accelerate cash flow by being able to set up a new Stripe subscription in their CRM using all Stripe line items including discounts, billing schedule, and product details without having to wait for Finance
  • Finance saves valuable time and is less prone to making errors by not having to manually copy and paste customer and product information between Stripe and Salesforce
  • Sales and Customer Success can view overdue, due, or paid subscription payments and promptly follow up with customers saving Finance time with less back-and-forth unnecessary communication
  • Customers experience a smoother and quicker signup and onboarding process

Relaunch and Blast Off to Success!

It took The LPI only three months to implement a newly automated membership processing system using Breadwinner Payments. Breadwinner’s Salesforce and Stripe integration allowed the team to implement a highly efficient and streamlined subscription process, saving them valuable time and speeding up the sales process for faster time-to-payment. This integration also meant a seamless experience for their customers, allowing organizations to get their staff set up quickly and ready to access a host of L&D resources.

Some winning numbers:

  • 3 months to implement a new processing system and launch the revamped membership product
  • 100% of the members’ Stripe transactions were processed in Salesforce, and have set up their credit cards within the platform for recurring payments – a huge convenience for customers
  • 6 hours per week saved by automating their membership process between Stripe and Salesforce

The LPI’s membership service has opened up a multitude of possibilities for its customers, ranging from skill enhancement, access to valuable data resources, to forging connections with fresh contacts. The LPI has also given its teams a real competitive advantage – from Sales to Customer Success – by providing a high level of professionalism and customer service to prospects and onboarding customers. This level of efficiency between their critical software and teams allows them to scale in a fast-growing industry.

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