Time Technology reconciles bank transactions in Xero and invoices on Salesforce are updated automatically


Time Technology have been delivering high-quality business solutions to our customers since 1993.

In 2016 and with the business world starting to embrace the Cloud, we evaluated our options for the next stage of our journey as a total solutions provider. The Salesforce platform was the obvious choice for us, and after becoming a Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner in 2017, we have continued to build our team and capabilities in Salesforce technology.   



The Challenge

Time Technology provides Non-profits with Salesforce solutions, management services, and consultancy as a Salesforce Certified Partner. With their focus on helping customers, they hadn’t put much thought into their own internal Salesforce set up.

Managing Director Peter Skeffington explains he “had finally had enough of the extra work involved in manually maintaining separate accounting and CRM systems” . It became inefficient as Time Technology not only had to raise invoices and PO’s/bills in Salesforce but also needed to enter them again in their accounting software. Additionally, there was the double-entry of cash paid and received so that the team could use Salesforce to see the status of customer invoices or vendor bills. Time Technology felt like they were always behind updating Salesforce, dramatically reducing the value of having the information available.

Peter explains “We needed an interface with our single Salesforce Org that would work seamlessly with multiple companies/currencies”. Breadwinner’s interface connects Salesforce to Xero,  Salesforce to NetSuite and Salesforce to QuickBooks, which meant that it became the “obvious choice” for Time Technology.


The Solution

Breadwinner provided a managed package and configured it to meet Time Technology’s requirements. Working with the Breadwinner team, it was implemented in about 2 hours.

Essentially, Breadwinner creates a link between the Account record in Salesforce and Customer or Vendor records in Xero, and then maintains a ‘joining object’ in Salesforce of all invoices/bills from Xero. You can create invoices and bills in Xero from Salesforce using standard objects (Opportunities/Products and Orders) or custom objects.

For Time Technology, they manage both processes through custom objects. By following the Breadwinner instructions along with some Salesforce Admin knowledge, it was straightforward to create the required buttons and page layouts to support the interface in a way that worked for them. Peter estimates “that this is saving at least a day a month of our time”.


Business Outcomes

  • Time Technology reconciles their bank transactions in Xero each day and the invoices and bills on Salesforce are updated automatically
  • The information on Salesforce now always represents the latest position from the bank
  • Significant staff hours are saved


For more information about Time Technology, visit www.time-technology.com.

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